New polls put Gantz-Lapid ahead of Netanyahu
Published: 21.02.19, 22:02
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1. Gantz-Lapid
DSM ,   USA   (02.21.19)
The end of Israel as we now know it.
2. Gantz/Lapid still cannot put together a coallition of 61
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (02.22.19)
3. Israel needs Judea and Samaria to survive. Gantz is mad!
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.22.19)
Not only do Judea and Samaria belong to Israel. It is obvious to any child, capable of reading a map, that Israel needs Judea and Samaria to survive. Without Judea and Samaria, Israel is a 9 mile wide concentration camp. Gantz's plot to abandon more of our land is utter madness!
4. Bibi Rocks!
Chuck Briggs ,   Miami   (02.22.19)
We love Bibi in the USA. He rocks!!!
5. Former Generals have been disaster for Israel,starting with
ab   (02.21.19)
scoundrel Rabin
6. Any other result of these “polls” would’ve been suspicious!
7. One(Lapid) that 's been hailed as the "next big thing since
sliced bread", but never materialized, to a new, (this time "for real") guaranteed Savior & Redeemer (of something that is neither broken or in need of salvation): Gantz Schvantz!
Are people THAT stupid?
I'm afraid, many are indeed....
8. Surely not!
jorgen   (02.22.19)
Surely the voters in the last moment will realize that the new coalition will make a deal with the Arab countries and Israel will lose out like all the other times this happened!
9. Bibi’s Opposition has no platform
Jake ,   Jake   (02.24.19)
Except - defeat Bibi.

You have to stand for something not just be against something.
BTW, Generals do not make good politicians because they are used to ordering people what to do and people saying “yes, commander.” That’s why
Gantz probably failed in business. You cannot order someone to make profit.
10. "Without Judea and Samaria Israel ... a concentration camp"?
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (02.23.19)
In 1966 I spent some weeks in Israel - without Judea and Samaria. If it was a concentration camp it didn't register with me, nor it seems with anyone else. The person posting this comment insults the memory of the victims and survivors of the Shoah.
11. PM Netanyahu
John ,   Fredericksburg   (02.23.19)
I know next to nothing of Israeli politics, and am not even a Jew, but I can remember seeing and listening to Mr. Netanyahu regularly on American television going back (if memory serves) all the way to The MacNeil/Lehrer Report in the late 1970s. I also remember wishing back that far that we had politicians of his caliber in America.
12. Usual idiots, unhappy with their lives because somebody has
TOLD them to be, will undoubtedly jump at this 'God-given' opportunity to 'change things'!
What 'change', what 'things'???\
THAT, Ladies and Gentlemen, they do not really know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13. Have confidence and believe firmly in the Lord our G-d!
Sarah ,   Ashkelon   (02.23.19)
The generals of Antiochus could never defeat the faithful warriors of Judah Maccabeus, the Hammer of the Jews, one of the most excellent Jew generals in our long history.

Jews, we won and we will win again, G-d is with us!
14. These "polls" will only increase the "lead" as the elections
Until the Morning After :-))
15. Biggest parties do not win elections coalitions do
zionist forever   (02.25.19)
Polls change by the day so mean nothing but whilst Gantz has been taking the approach of create his own version of Joint List by trying to bring all the major parties under one banner and celebrity grabbing Netanyahu has been taking the post election coalition building approach by uniting the right wing parties but without making formal commitments. In the Israel system having largest party doesn’t guarantee you the keys to the PM residence, the truck is being able to form a coalition. In 2012 Livni won more seats than Netanyahu but he was able to form a coalition whilst Livni couldn’t do he was appointed PM. In this election Netanyahu has all the right wing & religious parties. Gantz can form a coalition with Labor and Meretz but that’s about it. He cannot rely on the Arab parties and that have around 12 leftist votes and if Meretz are to far left to form a coalition with and be taken seriously that’s about another 5-6 wasted seats. The test comes after the election when it comes to coalition building not biggest party.
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