Opinion  Shimon Shiffer
Netanyahu is the one who should be ashamed
Shimon Shiffer
Published: 24.02.19, 23:23
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1. experiences can fail.
tiki ,   belgium   (02.25.19)
Netanyahu comes with a bag full of achievements leading a group of experienced politicians and Israeli & Jewish nationalists (a crime today?) who are willing to defend their country against all those who want to harm her........Anti Semites, Arabs, Europeans & Jews.

Ganz/Lapid come with a a paper bag on which it is written..."Just no Bibi".

Israel doesn't have the luxury of failed experiences..
2. Netanyahu just retire already!
If it is important surely someone will buy you aseat in the USA Senate and then your American dreams will come true too!
3. Politics and shame don't mix
Shachar ,   Eilat   (02.25.19)
Bibi has been lying for decades, he sees it as completely normal. He was directly responsible for Madhut Yosef's death as the PM that opened the tunnel against the Shabak advice and then panicked, refusing to let the IDF deal with the uprising. Gantz was wrong to attack Bibi's army record, firstly because it is totally irrelevant to the election and secondly because there was nothing wrong with Bibi's army record and certainly nothing wrong with studying in America and preparing yourself for public service. Bibi has so many failings, why even mention the distant past which was absolutely reasonable????
4. Otzma wants to expel Arabs. Gantz wants to expel Jews.
Jake   (02.25.19)
Otzma wants to create an Arab-free Jewish state. Gantz wants to create an Jew-free Arab state. What's the difference?
5. Frankly the people should be ashamed
Disillusioned   (02.25.19)
For being so indifferent to the immoral and reprehensible behavior of their politicians and still voting for them! Their standards should be higher, but the truth is that they just can't be bothered. When it all finally cracks, they'll be sure to find something or someone else to blame.

Gantz is so clearly unprepared and unsuitable for the top post. If it were not for the same, brash and cocky swagger of the average alpha Israeli male, and the assurance of his military credentials, he should have put his money where his mouth is, put Israel before his own ridiculous gargantuan ego and joined Lapid as No. 2 to first learn and earn his political wings. Instead he's hastily gathered a whole band of second raters, all happy enough to jump on the same bandwagon. They STILL don't have a cohesive, common stand. But the sheep fell for their generals and are "running to Gantz in droves" without even knowing what he and his band of incompetents actually stand for - just desperate to get rid of Netanyahu, for his actually lost his mind.

To bring in fascist, hate-filled bullies in just to try and weaken opposition is fear. But it is also a dangerous and detestable lowering of standards. It will have repercussions if Israelis don't wake up and use their consciences and gather up the courage to reject what Netanyahu is doing and look for solid, practical leadership, not some mythological "messiah."
6. Gantz plans 9 mile wide Israel concentration camp
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.25.19)
Shame doesn't even begin to describe the disgrace of Gantz. This failed general and entrepreneur plans to turn Israel into a defenseless 9 mile wide concentration camp at them mercy of our mortal "Palestinian" foes. The foes who maim, murder and harm Israelis every humanly possible way.

In any other nation, someone like Gantz would be laughed out of the political realm and lead to a lunatic asylum. Here, in Israel, he gets to compete for the highest office in the land. Israel: we GOTTA change. Centrists: don't be fooled by Gantz. He is every bit as horrific as Meretz.
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