Caught in a Trump trap, Netanyahu pins his hopes on Abbas
Itamar Eichner
Published: 25.02.19, 12:21
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1. Why is Bennett assuming no one wants a two state solution?
Most Israelis do want a two state solution. His ridiculous solution is absorbing 5 million Palestinians into Israel?? G-d forbid!!
2. Bibi the moron of the century?
Avi L.   (02.25.19)
At this point it starts to be a legitimate question
3. Once the PA 'owns' East Jerusalem...
David ,   Hartford USA   (02.25.19)
you'll see the Temple Mount excavated by Waqf in order to destroy all evidence of Jewish history. That's bad.

On the other hand, Palestine will have to behave like a modern peaceful nation. Any terrorism coming from Palestine will constitute an act of war against Israel, which allows Israel to do by whatever means it deems necessary to remedy the situation. That's good.

If Abbas is killed off by Hamas operatives and Hamas turns Palestine in another Gaza, then the final Arab-Israeli war will be at hand. It will be messy, but Palestine will cease to exist and Gaza will be a wasteland.

For 70 years, the Arabs have always made the bad choices. There's no reason to think that's changed. Abbas is not Moses.

Maybe Trump's plan is to force this final confrontation. Who knows? I do know that this will be the PA's last chance to do the right thing.
4. This analysis fails to take into account a minor detail.
Jake   (02.25.19)
Abbas has already announced repeatedly that he will oppose Trump's peace plan. That ship has already sailed. Netanyahu doesn't have to "rely" on anything but the facts.
Just like the fact that the Arab violent rejection of the 1947 Partition Plan, and the UN's utter refusal to take any steps to implement it, made that plan - in Ben Gurion's words - "null and void" and paved the way for the formal annexation of Jerusalem to the State of Israel in 1949.
5. Doubtful there would be agreement without a referendum.
Sam ,   Montreal   (02.25.19)
Netanyahu answers first to the Israeli people not Trump.
7. There’s no way anyone can blackmail us into suicide! Not
Trump nor Netanyahu.
Whatever the price we gave to politely decline...
8. No way Israel is willing to commit suicide by making Trump
Great (again)!
9. If the gossip is true, “Trump will divide Jerusalem” and
under no circumstance will Israelis agree to such genocidal “deals”.
With all due respect Mr. President: go f..ck yourself& your obsessive, juvenile “deals”...
You’re dealing with world’s smartest nation, that finally is coming out of its zombie-state of Piss Process!
10. Pathetic strategy
Jerry   (02.25.19)
If netanyahu has any thoughts of agreeing to such a deal, which he doesn't, than a strong New Right won't stop it because he will have more than enough votes on the left to pass it. All this is, is Bennett's idea of how to get more votes. It's pathetic if this is his strategy.
11. Has Anyone Seen This Deal of the Century
dorian s fund ,   tel aviv   (02.25.19)
How can Bennett predict what this deal will have.

We all know that Netanyahu will support the deal as he wants Trump as his buddy, but none of us know the terms of the deal.

12. $64 Dollar Question
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (02.25.19)
So where do 30% of the Palestinian population living in Gaza fit into this equation?

Are they to be ignored or sidelined? Does this mean we have a THREE STATE SOLUTION with TWO Palestines one in Gaza and one in the West Bank? Or perhaps one Palestine in two halves connected by a motorway across Israel?

EVERY best model for ONE unified and contiguous Palestinian State lies in an expanded Gaza created from land swaps trades and purchases...after all just a FEW MILES AWAY from the West Bank?

A Palestine in an expanded Gaza the size of Lebanon with coast and ports, desalination potential, perfect location as crossroads between Magreb and Saudi Peninsula, excellent agricultural potential, access to jobs in Israel...the list goes on

With Hamas and PA totally at odds WHAT IT NEEDS is for Palestinians FROM THE GRASS ROOTS TO make their voices heard and SET THE AGENDA and PUSH the leadership in Gaza and WB to negotiate for a UNITED and CONTIGUOUS and VIABLE PALESTINE IN AN EXPANDED GAZA...because if THEY CANT there are Palestinian leaders WHO CAN
13. bennett is 100% correct
james   (02.25.19)
bennett knows bibi. he is totally correct about him. he will acquiece in the face of trump's plo state because he doesn't have independent conviction. he never has. he is a talker.he says i had to do it because trump forced me to do it. i could not say no.

14. separation
beryl   (02.25.19)
the Arabs are not Swiss or dutch. They have their own style. likewise they are not south Africans who agreed to a reconciliation. they want Jews out of their Palestine lock stock and barrel. gabbay, gantz and lapid can keep whistling separation. it will never work. Terror will increase exponentially.

bibi is lying when he says he does not support a plo state. he does and he will bend over for trump.

15. Any "deal" that includes the word "Palestine" is NO DEAL!
16. The only govrnment in the world that doen't afraid to go to
Raffi   (02.27.19)
War ,But afraid to make peace.
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