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The tangled web of Israel's extreme right, American Jewry and the US terror blacklist
Yehuda Shohat
Published: 25.02.19, 23:13
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1. Raykin: Americans ruled and abused by terrorist organization
DSM ,   USA   (02.26.19)
Sammy, you forgot to take your pills again didn't you?
2. One sided politics
Ged ,   Melbourne   (02.26.19)
Left wing Anti-Israel is ok but right pro Israel not. Liberal prejudice. Or, is it; what will the world say?
3. remember our brothers who fought for this freedom
jore ,   la   (02.26.19)
there was not left or right. There was only Israel and there is only Israel now.
Anything else is a far distant second...
4. it's all very confusing.
To call some Israelis terrorists, while they respond to terrorism is making a terrible errorThe mitigating circumstace is that we live in a violent area and we need to defend ourselves. The Kach movement is mere Resistance against the Islamic onslaught and murder. but remember the European resistance did not murder Nazis the resistance faught the Nazi bureaucracy, by stealing ID cards and food vouchers to deliver to people in hiding.
5. Not taking any sides here
Morris G. ,   Israel   (02.26.19)
But just wondering if Otzma Yehudit is worse than some Arab MKs who have made some pretty outrageous statements over the years -- some at the podium in the Knesset. And has the funding for the various Arab political parties ever been looked into? No contributions from any questionable sources?
6. Leftists destroy words, then they destroy us.
Hornet ,   D.F., MX   (02.26.19)
Arab/Islamic agenda is the Leftist cause célèbre. Hit all of the above, call it good.
7. The only "extreme" aspect of these folks is the fact, that
they want Israel to survive, nothing more, nothing less.
8. the power of words
eli ,   tel aviv   (02.26.19)
Stop calling Kach a "racist movement" and start calling it a "Jewish movement". That is all it is.
9. Political extremes
PermReader   (02.26.19)
The hundred years extra of the Jewish leftism, demanded the appearence of the Herzl` idea of the Jewish "normalcy". And the "normalcy" has come in the face of the Jewish right!. This symmentry reflexes the political views ,in the mirror of the psychologics of humans,that, by the Aristotle opinion ,has its extremes, and the norm between them. Israelis,as the other peoples will have to fight both political extremes,not just the Jewish leftism,haha
10. Investigate Jewish patriots but never Israel hating MKs
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.26.19)
Why would any sane Israeli journalist want Jewish patriots investigated, but leave Israel hating Arab MKs and parties to do their evil work? The only thing that bothers so-called journalists, like Shohat, is politicians who loves Israel. They have no problem with politicians who hate Israel. Sick!
11. Yehuda Shohat thank you for helping me make up my mind
Yerach ,   Jerusalem,Israel   (02.26.19)
It is ugly self hating JINO lefists like yourself that have convinced my to vote for the Bayit Yehudi/Ichud Leumi/Otzma Yehudit union!!!!
I shall now throw my full support for Oizma!!!!!
12. Kahane created movement to defend defenseless Jews in NYC
DangerLeftistBS! ,   Jerusalem Israel   (02.27.19)
who were being daily beaten and synagogues were paying blackmail
to African American thugs threatening if they didn't pay the synagogue
would be burned down he taught the Jews in Brooklyn who were daily being physically attacked by Afro Americans Polish American Irish American and Italian American Anti Semitic some research
The Effete elitist Jewish NY elite did nothing and in fact encouraged it
Temple Emanuel the Fifth Avenue Jewish version of a Catholic Cathedral
invited on Friday Evening Service Afro American Speakers demanding
White America and Jews pay "restitution" a.k.a Blackmail for slavery period
exactly what the thugs in Brooklyn were doing with violent threats
Wake up Israel the Leftist anarchists of the media will have you living
Aushwitz Ghetto Borders if you don't !! Ever notice never do they
bring up that "Israeli "Arabs and other Palestinians want and vote for
Israel's total destruction that's not a problem for the Left because that's the same agenda they have ...
13. JEW-POWER, just the sound of it is very musical to my ears!
14. Herzl: as he foretold...
ex Oleh Chadash   (05.31.19)
read Altneuland.

Herzl predicted these sects, in the character of a fanatic rabbi in his novel.
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