Likud campaign video raises ire over use of military cemetery
Moran Azulay, Yuvanl Karni, Dror Liba
Published: 27.02.19, 09:09
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1. PR
Jez ,   Netanya   (02.27.19)
It's just what you'd expect from an extreme right party and their extreme right coalition partners. Bring back the right
2. Absolutely repugnant!
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (02.27.19)
It really doesn't get any lower than that. And it was on Bibi's watch. The sooner he goes, the better!
3. the evil left
blabla   (02.27.19)
if the left is so dangerous and the right has all the answers, why dont we live in a paradise by now? We had 15 years of right wing governments since 2001. In these 15 years we had an intifada and two major military operations in Gaza and hundreds of terror attacks, killing and wounding thousands of Israelis. Lets also not forget that we are practically at war with Iran too at the moment?
So how "dangerous" can the left really be? The right had so much time to implement their "strategies" but the security situation is simply not improving. Gaza continues to be a powder keg, the westbank seas increasing terror activity, there are iranian troops at the border, Iran will probably develop a nuclear bomb soon and last but not least the government managed to pretty much allienate all our allies and their hopes are now on an unpredictibale lunatic in the white house. Who is about to basically allow Iran to build a highway for tanks from Theran to the Golan hights.
4. Hypocrites Left for years uses dead soldiers for propaganda
TheLeftsFacistMedia ,   Jerusalem Israel   (02.27.19)
So called "Peace Groups " in Israel and around the world have used
cemeteries of soldiers graves to fight for their version of peace
Leftist dominated Israeli TV when the Lebanon War was going on a daily basis
listed all the names of the dead soldiers on the screens
now the Right should use the bombed out buses and other scenes of horror the naïve and evil Left brought upon us with their "Oslo Horror Slaughter Piss Process" The Oslo Left should be brought up on murder charges
of the nearly 2,000 innocent Israeli men women children and infants slaughter by them and their "Piss Process" Keep it up Leftist Media
revenge will come at the voting polls ....other voices of parents who
lost sons and agree with the ad are being heard on alternative media
5. Typical Israeli politics breeds “anti-semitism” world wide.
Ken   (02.27.19)
6. what "sick" party likud has become...
tomer ,   jerusalem   (02.27.19)
Bibi , its enough, you and your friends are walking in the "gutters" to survive,trampling on bereaved families and try to smear Gantz as "angel of death". Your party tried something similar with dressing rabin up as "ss"
man.We all remember how it ended.
Its time to step aside, show that u have ethics,morals and values . Otherwise
history will not remember you as u may wish.
7. how is it
Moe Howard   (02.27.19)
that only the Likud commits election campaign outrages (Kahane, military cemeteries), but not one of the competing parties, such as Blue & White? Could it be that some have an agenda here?
8. Perhaps...?
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem   (02.27.19)
Perhaps it is due:
To their own lack of [moral] values?
To Netanyah's personal need to be reelected no matter what?
To the loss of belief in Israel, replaced by their belief in their own selves alone?
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