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Michael Cohen to accuse Trump over WikiLeaks, Moscow project, hush payments
Published: 27.02.19, 10:43
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1. If anything,Trump should be impeached for hiring such loser
Alan ,   SA   (02.27.19)
and a bad newsnik to be one of his lawyers.VERY POOR JUDGEMENT ABOUT THE CONTENT OF THE COHEN;S CHARACTER.The proven perjurer.said on TV yesterday morning that he will be telling the truth!. How can ANYTHING the Cohen will say be admitted/taken seriously under oath in any forum ESPECIALLY the USA Congress Committees.He is trying to save his skin .
Beats me how Trumps attempts to end the Korean War after 73 years can be overshadowed by the "evidence" of this convicted felon!
2. Cohen's ass is being had by the prosecution hostile to Trump
How would YOU behave in order to save (some of) the said ass??!
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