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Cohen says Trump knew about WikiLeaks email dump beforehand
Associated Press
Published: 27.02.19, 18:16
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1. cohen trying to reduce his jail time
david ,   new york   (02.27.19)
cohen is going 3 years to jail next month for lying and cheating (unrelated to his work with Donald trump). he was just disbarred from practicing law in new York.
2. the latest futile attempt to topple the King
Cameron   (02.27.19)
2 years on & there is still nothing heavy or damning to lay on the table.

Chasing after lackeys & subordinates fails to alter the reality of Trump sitting in the Oval Office year after year, and setting the American agenda.
3. Trump and Netanyahu out,
is needed for both countries. Wake up, people. What is it goi g to take.
4. Whatever happened ?
Whatever happened to loyalty ? remaining loyal to your former boss and not badmouthing him ?
5. If THESE are his accusations of his former employer, than he
is playing a smart game of creating lots of buzz, but not delivering any real damaging material.
For some reason , I have a feeling, that even in order to save one's physical ass, one is NOT ready to destroy one's legacy of memory....
but then again: history proves me wrong on many accounts.
6. Trump is just a SLIMY mafiosi...he can now SHOVE his deal
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (02.27.19)
of the century !!!!
7. So he confirmed no collusion
Mordechai   (02.28.19)
So he confirmed the entire Mueller investigation has no legal basis as there is no collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

He also confirmed Trump never told him to lie to congress.

I will have to say those are blockbuster revelations.
8. Cohen sounds like a real-life version of David Kleinfeld
Jake   (02.28.19)
the corrupted liar from "Carlito's Way".
9. Cohen A lying Rat Claims he is telling the truth
RealityCheck ,   Jerusalem   (02.28.19)
10. Cohen a convicted liar is only tool left to attack trump...
11. Cohen s family was threatened by the deep state, story chang
12. Mueller report no trump Russia collusion fake news traitors
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