Kushner meets Erdogan on Israel-Palestinian peace plan
Published: 28.02.19, 07:45
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1. above misleading
nahum514 ,   eilat   (02.28.19)
"Palestinians want East Jerusalem, captured by Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War, as capital of a future state."

And whom pray tell was it captured from......
2. Don't see how it is any of Erdogan's business about
barbara ,   Haifa   (02.28.19)
Israel - Palestinian peace plan ? He should concentrate on his own country.
3. Peace plan"
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (02.28.19)
It is none of Recep Tayyip Erdogan"s business, to interfere with Israƫli-"pal"/Arab peace plan. Let him mind his own Turkish business, apart from American meddling.
4. Two highly suspicious individuals in a meeting?! Why??!!!!!!
5. m
moishe   (03.03.19)
like meeting with the devil to get people into heaven. Kushner not great in real estate and inept at diplomacy. but...he is Trump's son in law. and...Trump is no genius at running America,either. a 'ruining' dynasty.
6. They should open a used car lot..together. nt
Darian ,   SCruz USA   (05.15.19)
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