Report: 'Deal of century' won't include Palestinian state
Elior Levy
Published: 28.02.19, 10:20
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1. "Deal of century'
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (02.28.19)
2. GOOD first step
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (02.28.19)
As prelude to full Palestinian Statehood

1.Increase and expand connectivity between Gaza and West Bank to rebuild social cohesion and boost inter Palestinian trade and commerce

2.Start process of rebuilding infrastructure in Gaza

3.Start process of land swaps, trades and purchases to expand Gaza to create a VIABLE UNIFIED and CONTIGUOUS state of Palestine around the size of Lebanon

4.Create international framework and formula for substantive financial support for individual families and businesses wishing to relocate to PEG (Palestine in an expanded Gaza)

5.Rebuild New West Bank Cities and Towns in PEG as New Ramallah, NEW Khan Yunis, NEW Qalqilya, NEW Tulkarm and other West Bank towns free of the Old Town legacies of 'occupation'
3. Dead on arrival...
Roy ,   Ct   (02.28.19)
"Deal of the century" is "Dead on arrival" so conman Trump and his conman son in law should STOP conning the world. You can fool all of the people all of the time...
4. Unacceptable deal but G'd bless Donald Trump!
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.28.19)
This deal is totally unacceptable, of course. The only thing Israel should EVER offer our mortal "Palestinian" foes is help to leave our land. But, if it is true that Trump removed evil fictional "Palestinian" statehood from the agenda, G'd bless him. This would be a HUGE blessing to Israel, America and all that is good, righteous, pure and true!
5. lol
6. No state gives Pals excuse to rage.
Sam ,   Montreal   (02.28.19)
What Palestinians want is for all Israeli Jews to withdraw to the middle of the ocean or to Poland. That's why they applauded Gantz when he said he wanted to withdraw. The only peace acceptable to Palestinians is no Jewish state and they will be criticizing, complaining and raging about any offer where Israel is not withdrawing. They didn't want Jews coming to Israel or the West Bank and that hasn't changed. They want them to withdraw.
7. m
moishe   (03.01.19)
a deal that includes a Palestine state with borders and the right to arm is a death warrant for Israel people. PLO will accept nothing less than a full state. Trump deals are not worth the paper they are written in private and in government. and you can't make a deal if you don't gain by it. or the other party is untrustworthy. so you don't deal!
8. A logical, reasonable plan
Scott ,   Givatayim   (03.02.19)
Of course Abbas & his Fatah terrorist will never accept it or any peace deal with Israel because they don't want peace and they certainly don't want to live alongside a Jewish state, even if it withdraws to pre-1967 borders.

There are many Arabs, Palestinians & Arab-Israelis that depend on Israelis for work. Many of them don't want to live under a Fatah dictatorship, they just want economic opportunities & a good job. That is what will bring peace - not more withdrawals..
9. Can't correct a 50 year old problem by rewriting history
אליהו   (03.02.19)
Bring dayan to trial. Dig him up and ask him why he was so lily livered to allow Har Habayit and Yisraeli land to remain in the hands of the murderers of our brothers and sisters.
10. "Plan of peace"
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (03.02.19)
Anyone and any country can make a peace plan, in this case. This is something between Israel/the Jewish and Israëli people and the Arabs in and around the Jewish state. It is not the business of other countries. They really have to mind their own national, internal and domestic business/affair, for they first want to realise their own national interest. There has to be an impartial, independant, unbiased, objective and neutral third party/organization to meddle, to listen and to advise, to try to solve this issue, together with the 2 other parties. Otherwise it does/will not work. Look what happened since 1945, in this case, also despite the existence/presence of a bad functioning United Nations Organization, UN. I often gave alternatives to try to improve it.

11. For someone living in Israel you are an ignoramus
Sam ,   Montreal   (03.03.19)
For Palestinians nationalism by far outweighs economics. They can't be bought off. They immediately rejected Kushner's economic peace plan. What they want is for the Jews to disappear, to withdraw. They want economic opportunities and a good job but that is secondary to seeing you and other Israelis gone.
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