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Striking a deal with Netanyahu will save Israel's rule of law
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 28.02.19, 11:57
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1. The real verdict will be made by the public.
tiki ,   belgium   (02.28.19)
However, this whole theater proves that the system should be changed a.s.a.p. and a PM can only be accused/charged after he ends his term.
FO ,   Belgium   (02.28.19)
I'm deeply distressed, Mr. Mandelblit, knowing you are a jurist and a religious person, that you seem to have forgotten the famous Pasuk "Tsedek Tsedek Dirdof Lemaan Tihyeh", in case you indeed decide to indict Netanyahu now, so close to the general elections in Israel. This case is dragging on for years, so you had all the time, Mrs. Mandelblit, to conduct a trial and conclude the guilt or the innocence of Netanyahu. To indict Netanyahu, if indeed now, will provoke a political upheaval in the long term for the state of Israel, without knowing for good or for bad! I consider that you Mr. Mandelblit, as Attorney General, you should abstain yourself to influence the political debate today. Remember: "Tsedek Tsedek Dirdof...!
3. Bibi is forever, got it???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4. A good author's proposal
Moshe   (02.28.19)
After all, this talented premier have achieved many good things for the country.
5. Send him to St. Helena Island to be with Napoleon & Trump.
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.28.19)
6. Dumb
camilo   (02.28.19)
One of thethe least lucid op-eds by Ben Dror Yemini. To put it mildly. There's nothing new, transcendent, thought-provoking, ethical, fair or intelligent in this piece.
7. Mar'it Ayin
joe ,   GUSH   (02.28.19)
In the military code, there exists a concept titled "Behavior Unbecoming an Officer and a Gentleman" to which officers are expected to avoid. In the civil code it is called "The Appearance of Impropriety" and in Hamishpat Haivri it is called "marit ayin.
8. A quite interesting proposal in the spirit of...
Leo ,   Modi'in   (02.28.19)
Tzedek tzedek tirdof but it is probably too late for Bibi to let go. He should have done this much earlier and not (try to) keep everything in his own hand. In spite of his propaganda there are many valuable and courageous people in this country who can lead us towards a more moral, honest national path. True, Bibi's fight for survival is expected to be ugly, very ugly and indeed, we (the citizens) will pay the price. So let the justice prevail.
9. No deals
Philip Smith ,   northern Israel   (02.28.19)
Justice must be seen by actions. Bibi must be tried in court like any other citizen and found not guilty or not guilty by the law.No stinking deals.Its these deals that destroy our confidence in the law system. Equality before the law for Bibi and Boozaglo
10. Term Limits
dorian s fund ,   tel aviv   (02.28.19)
One of the most important reasons a government needs to have term limits is to stop the level of comfort that elected officials get when they are in office for too long.

Netanyahu's sins aren't so terrible, but came with thinking he was the government.

No PM should be able to serve for more than two (2) terms.
11. stop whining
manny   (02.28.19)
bibi and likud should quit whining about the AG. defend yourselves if you wish. otherwise shut up. stop complaining.

as for gabbay and others who want bibi to step down, its none of their business.

likud should make plans to have someone replace bibi and sooner rather than later.

also bibi should speak to olmert on what jail is like. because bibi if convicted will be doing some time.

having said this, i would never vote for gantz l apid or gabbayr. lapid is an arrogant no nothing olmert desciple. and gantz is a passive general who did poorly in the gaza war. ynet of course does not expose shapira's critiques of gantz.

gabbay is simply in the wrong party. he should be in likud or new right. he is miscast.
12. Netanyahu is innocent
Miki ,   Tel Aviv   (03.01.19)
Did you read Dershowitz letter stating that after reviewing the 3 cases and the the laws supposedly connected to the 3 cases that Netanyahu is innocent
13. Bibi is just another corrupt politician
Shachar ,   Eilat   (03.04.19)
Plenty of politicians have already been sent to prison for corruption and Bibi is just keeping up a Likud and Shas tradition of using power for personal gain. He will be sent to prison like all the other corrupt politicians.....kicking and screaming like all the others.... . It is nothing to get excited about.
14. Calls f resignation with no evidence disgusting antidemocrac
The left cant accept the vote of the people. Is the hijacking of the courts in the 90s, and media not enough?
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