AG seeks Netanyahu indictments for bribery, fraud, breach of trust
Published: 28.02.19, 18:13
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Netanyahu has helped keep us safe ,he deserves better than this .
2. likud asskissers
jay   (02.28.19)
what is this fawning over bibi. you should have replaced him long ago. barkat, saar, bennett and others are much better than bibi.

Israelis want some of right policies but have had their fill of bibi and his 2 state weakness. some are also tired of sarah.

so vote for bennett and forget about bibi.
3. Post Zionist Left & its Media must NEVER come to power
VoteNetanyahu ,   Jerusalem Israel   (02.28.19)
Vote Right Vote Netanyahu Vote Bennett
4. I heard that Mr Cohen of NYC will give truthful evidence
Alan ,   SA   (02.28.19)
5. Bibi is being Trumpified.If I was elligible I wud vote for B
Alan ,   SA   (02.28.19)
6. Netanyahu released more terrorists than any other PM
Netanyahu has used Israel as his cash cow and he has used us Israelis as his cannon fodder.
What does Likud want now? That we should thank them for releasing hell upon usin the form of the weak bumbling Netanyahu?
7. Isreali /Jewish Self Hate wins the day once more
JewishSelfHate101 ,   Jerusalem Israel   (03.01.19)
no one does it better than we do....Israel never had it better economically internationally so time to self destruct and put ex generals in power...looking more and more like we don't deserve to have a homeland ...where among any other people in the world will you find such self hatred...?
8. If you intend on voting for any other right-party: DON'T!
Vote straight Likud& Bibi....
Let's show these leftist putschists, that it's the bloody PEOPLE that rule in this country, not the degenerated "Academics"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9. interesting...
David   (03.02.19)
The common element in virtually every case listed, is the constant absence of any actual "quid pro quo." None of the deals that is alleged to have been discussed, actually materialized, but for the instances involving Case 1000, and there it is questionable that the alleged favors were actually a result of the gifts, or whether both were the result of the longstanding friendship between Netanyahu and Mr. Milchan. So many of the claims are highly questionable-- for example, that it was against Israel's interest to pursue a free trade region with Jordan, and that allegedly Netanyahu was thinking only of Milchan in pushing this idea. Are we to assume that the Naharayim "island of peace" park is also about Mr. Milchan, and not the national interest? There's so much nonsense here when examined. One pile of bs on top of another.
10. To put it bluntly: assuming he's guilty of some of these
charges and removed from power, as a result we, the Israeli people, shall be screwed!
Irony of life& dirty world of politics once again prove, that we haven't invented yet, an ideal model of governance.
11. Netanyahu has not even been indicted
C   (03.03.19)
it is immoral to claim netanyahu is guilty even before he is indicted.
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