Make a date with Israel's next big export
Navit Zomer
Published: 03.03.19, 20:25
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1. These are great dates....
Steven Gilbert ,   Teaneck   (03.03.19)
They used to carry them in my local Costco. Then they stopped and only carry crummy medjool from California. I suspect the large number of Muslims customers had something to do with this coupled with the passivity of American Jewish customers.

BTW, I wrote both Costco and the Israeli exporter at the time. Useless!

Now they'll be up against a more virulent BDS. See what Israel can do.

2. a Question :
What do you call a Date with no eyes ? a Blind Date.
3. Can't really compete with much cheaper Tunesian or Iranian
ab   (03.03.19)
dates in EU
4. Advice....
koose e mack ,   Great Satan   (04.25.19)
Before I was Married, I always tried to eat my Dates.
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