US officially closes Palestinian consulate in East Jerusalem
Associated Press
Published: 04.03.19, 11:33
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1. Steal of the Century, White European Jews given Palestine
2. The right thing to do - Return to normalcy
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (03.04.19)
No other country in the world has an embassy for a foreign entity on its soil, much less so a terrorist entity.
3. Friedman or the fearless Jewish man
R. Shalom ,   Palmachim, Israel   (03.04.19)
He is doing what the boldest Israeli Jew would never dare to do. It seems that American Jews are made with a different type of red clay.

After almost a year of the bimillennial Jerusalem's Event, I have between my two eyes something as hard and clear as a diamond: the Redemption of Israel depends on American Jews, among whom I include without difference the American Evangelicals.

My congratulations to President Trump and all his Magnificent Men and Women.
4. Demand Israel close all "Palestinian" offices
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.04.19)
It is way past time for Israel to stop paying homage to the evil Two State Final Solution. This tiny land is ours now and forever! Let us all demand Israel close all "Palestinian" offices throughout our land. And thank you again Donald Trump for closing the hoax "Palestinian" office in Jerusalem.
5. Hallelujah!
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