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Fighting gender segregation in the Jewish state
Elinor Davidov
Published: 08.03.19, 14:22
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1. I agree with everything other than embryo is not woman body
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (03.08.19)
2. This is why
Dov Wiseman   (03.08.19)
"We can dress however we want, go and sit wherever we want without being afraid of violent or discriminatory ramifications."

I myself am not haredi but I am conservative in morals and outlook and many is the time that I have been in public where a female\s have exercised their "rights" to everyone's shame that has a conscience. It's flagrant and disrespectful but these are the days we live in.
But being a female is not a fault by any means and this allowed segregation of public facilities or buses is unacceptable. As a community we need to make sure rules and laws are not created to make such things possible and on buses when a person or a group starts demanding for people to move then the people present need to align together and tell this person\s to start walking. If they persist call the police. Sure it's going to be an inconvenience for the moment but perhaps that's how we got to this place to begin with.
3. We don’t have to “imagine”: it is real in certain parts of
the world.
Sick & depraved, no matter what delusional rdligion we’re talking about.
4. No sound reason to be separated.
DSM ,   USA   (03.08.19)
In the 1940's my parents left the orthodox synagogue because men and women were separated at services. One of the best things they did.
5. why don't you fight against real estate prices too?
Ex Oleh Chadash   (03.09.19)
olim are leaving because can not afford a home.
6. If ths happens outside exclusively hareidi areas where/when?
I am no feminist but support equality while having an old-school gentleman mentality of a certain respect towards the elderly and females.
If this is happening where is the protest I want to join...

I have lived in Israel for decades and never experienced this or heard of it from females.
Unless we are speaking of ultra orthodox communities where I have heard and sometimes experienced various seemingly acceptable discriminatory actions.

Both are an issue but the focus should be on mainstream society if it is really still an problem in this area.
7. The picture is from a ultra orthodox area not main st...
8. Strong parallels to Saudi Arabia
Seth ,   Boston, USA   (03.09.19)
Might as well call the country Israelistan. The extremists of all religions are more like each other than not and suppression of women is a common feature of them all.
9. Religions are concocted by males, thus the fear of vagina
is prevalent in almost all of them (to a varying degree).
In Islam it reaches pathological proportions, but seems now, that our own, homegrown wackos aren't willing to stay behind.....!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????
10. gross exaggeration of our local conditions
Israel grandma ,   Jerusalem   (03.10.19)
Gross exaggeration in the article, perhaps she has confused Israel with the evil , repressive regime in Iran?

I can understand the revulsion of the super-Orthodox who fear womens' sexuality but also its embarassing for non-religious people to see how many young and not so young women dress in public and on the buses in our admittedly hot summers.
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