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House Democrats launch aggressive new Trump probe
Published: 04.03.19, 22:59
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1. Leftist Sturmbannf├╝hrers both here & USA, will not relent
until one of two things happens: their designated victims are removed from power, or:
The People remove these toxic "progressive" elements from centers of power.
Dangerous times we're living in...
2. Democrats sore at losing to Trump'How dare he have won.
Alan ,   SA   (03.05.19)
Exactly like an election in Africa the opposing party does not accept the result
and fighting breaks out.
3. desperate scratching about by Dems
Cameron   (03.05.19)
Going to break that collection of libs properly come 2020.
4. Ag, special council all said No Russia trump collusion..
Is this an opinion piece? The facts are already out months ago when the ag said there was no collusion..
5. DNC bring convicted liar as main witness. They r all corrupt
6. Like the Israeli leftist campaign of hoaxes against Bibi
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.06.19)
The Democrats can't accept the fact that their drunken old hag Hillary was defeated by Trump. Just as they couldn't accept it when the Republicans ended slavery. And so Democrats launch one hoax after another. Each Democrat hoax explodes and is replaced by yet another hoax. It is very much like the Israeli leftist campaign of hoaxes against Bibi.
7. US Democratic Party is imploding
C   (03.06.19)
do americans want to give up their way of life?
do americans want to give up freedom and democracy?
do americans want to be ruled by ignoramuses who were
brainwashed by the best marxists available?
do americans want to eat grass and sand?
do americans want to destroy their livelihoods?
do americans want to fear the knock on the door in the middle
of the night? do they want an un-elected bureaucrat to send
dozens of highly armed men to break into their homes and
arrest them?
do americans want their country to be a lunatic asylum where
people are assaulted for how they dress?
do americans want a civil war?
if yes, follow alexandria and her minions into oblivion.
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