Deri: Lieberman unhappy that Shas wants to keep out non-Jews
Itai Schikman
Published: 05.03.19, 21:14
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1. DNA tests? How?
Dov Wiseman ,   Galilee   (03.06.19)
This subject has interested me for twenty years and I've read everything that comes my way on the subject and as I understand it it is scientifically flawed. Even the much disputed "Cohen" gene has been found in many Palestinian people, the argument there is that they were Jews forced to convert to Islam. Possible...but what of converts? Rapes ?
DNA tests have been refuted by the MOI on the grounds that the rabbis of today are concerned that the next Hitler will use such profiling to exterminate the Jewish People, God Forbid!
Is Shas really the pulse of Israel? God Forbid! They are as rabid as their counter parts found in other places in the Middle East led by a man who is a convicted criminal of the people of Israel.
2. Be careful what you wish for....
Jesus Never Xisted ,   NYNY   (03.06.19)
Jews today probably have almost zero genetic connection to the Jews who lived in Judea and its environs two thousand years ago.
3. "Purity of blood", hmm: is it even wise to invoke in JEWISH
Just asking.
4. 3rd generation
3rd   (03.06.19)
Giving the right for sitizenship for the 3rd generation descendants of the eligible person is a wide practice among the states and not only the outdated response to Nurenberg laws. Extension of entitlement to 3rd and sometimes forth generation comes as compensation for the disposessed 1st and 2nd generations, whether it happened by their own deeds or by the lack of a choice. Therefore, though only the rightfull applicants should be granted the citizenship priviledge, nevertheless their eligibility should by judged by bona fide inclusion formal criteria, not by politicians' demagogery and their licking up to some electorate sectors.
5. He took $160,000 in bribes goes to prison
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (03.06.19)
and talks to us about the law - I think he was missing from Yishiva when the rabbi was talking about following Jewish laws and being a decent trustworthy human being. Deri is none of these - and he never will be. His DNA is rotten.
6. Deri is a criminal but not a capacity in Judaism
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (03.06.19)
Lieberman must be unhappy that Shas wants a convicted criminal in the government.

For Zion
7. Tom Klein, FB, agree
C   (03.06.19)
deri's suggestion that dna should be tested is evil and stupid.
he should remember that the state was established by secular jews
from the russian empire.
8. We left Russia because of anti-antisemitism
Bar Star ,   Jerusalem   (03.07.19)
Now we have the same Russian and Ukrainian gentiles from the most anti-Semitic part of the world flooding Israel. Stopping them is self-preservation. It is really painful for us seeing them here.
9. Remember arabic genes always hated Jews from Russia
Averbach ,   Israel   (03.21.19)
Typical genes are those who go to pride parades. And the Arabs have always hated Jews from Russia. No matter how they are called now and in what positions they sit.
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