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Omar the flashpoint as Democrats confront divide over Israel
Associated Press
Published: 06.03.19, 08:57
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1. Tough Questions
Thomas Smithsonian ,   Toronto   (03.06.19)
Here are some questions I would like Ilhan Omar to answer:

- Are you against all PACs in the USA?
* If so, why did 17.52% of your campaign funds come from them?

- In Somalia, Sharia enforcers will commonly beat and humiliate women that do not wear the hijab.
*Do you consider this behavior acceptable?
*Do you believe that Sharia's interpretation in Somalia is accurate?
*If yes, do you believe that this sort of Sharia should be implemented in the west?

- What are you feelings on other religions?
* How do you feel about Christianity
* What is your opinion on Judaism?
* How do you feel about polytheistic religions?
* What about atheists?

- Are you against Muslim groups that are considered undemocratic or hateful?
* Do you denounce the Muslim Brotherhood?
*Do you denounce Hamas, Hezbollah and other terrorist groups?

- If the USA went to war with a Muslim nation, which side would you support?

- What are your feelings about the humanitarian crisis in Yemen?
* Is Saudi Arabia / the Sunni side the morally correct one?
* What should happen to the Shia's that are there?

Ilhan is great at trotting around and acting like a bully. It would be nice if people started to ask her some tough questions.
2. Does being AntiJew bring a different perspective.?She is AS
Alan ,   SA   (03.06.19)
and so are her other 2 freshmen.from utterances
3. Democrat Party have majority to pass resolut "EARTH IS FLAT"
Alan ,   SA   (03.06.19)
4. What on the earth
a   (03.06.19)
this deep-tanned cheap demagogue cercopithecus female has against the Jews? What does she know about them?
5. Omar the bigoted hypocrite Islamist agent funded by Qatar
Ezekiel Haim ,   London   (03.06.19)
People should look into who is behind Omar.Moslem brotherhood terrorists , Turkish TERRORIST organisations or TERRORIST backer Qatar.
6. Surprised?
minimi ,   las vegas   (03.06.19)
When will American Jews realize that the democratic party is mostly anti Semitic? When will Charles Schumer will get up and say exactly what Joe Liberman said before- this party is against my people?? And Liberman was almost Vice president.... And even one of the backbones of this party, Alan Darshawitz moved to the other side realizing that his house is on fire....
7. New Americans are not driven by fear.
Ken   (03.06.19)
8. Omar is a Jew hater and a hater of America
C   (03.06.19)
omar supports islamism and marxism.

omar was a refugee from somalia and the united states admitted her and her
family as refugees and gave them citizenship.
rather than being grateful to her new country, omar continues to
demonise the united states and its jewish citizens.
she makes the outrageous claim that members of congress support
the jewish state of israel because jews pay them to do so.
9. MIssinging Barack Obama, the great supporter of Israel.
Michael ,   California, USA   (03.06.19)
Israelis should know to tell friends from enemies.
10. Radical Islam & Radical Socialism now threaten US
WhatsGoinON? ,   Jerusalem Israel   (03.06.19)
The naïve young of America brainwashed for generations may yet
bring in a national suicidal scenario its no longer beyond imagination
of better nightmare...its happened before "liberal" Unitarian Harvard
Educated Mogul Robber Barons of New England descendants of the
first settlers the Pilgrims turned in only 40 years
1840 to 1880 Protestant Yankee New England into 60% Irish and French Canadian Catholic New England to fill their shoe and textile mills using
cotton from slave market in the South ( ditto Spain Portugal France Belgium German Colonies )
..what is America and the West all about ..? Rather
than educate its young to fill demanding positions its "cheaper" to "import"
already trained professionals from other nations to fill them...creating a backlog of disgruntled unemployed unskilled Americans ditto Europe and UK now western nations populations find themselves with little in common
with their new neighbor's s cultures another source of discontent...ghettoized
communities where once was at least a semblance of unity among those
populations where is this going ....?! Once again Anti Semitism rears its
ugly head both "old America" and the new arrivals blame the Jews
old America refusing to acknowledge that all their institutions especially
religious be they Protestant Mainline or Roman Catholic ALL espouse
super liberal immigration policies first started by Johnson in 85 Omar
and friends from Sudan were brought to Minnesota by the World Lutheran
Federation and the Catholic Caritas organizations but lets instead
blink" and blame the Jews that always works and good luck to the American Jew those they helped and supported are now turning on them too...
Here to if the Left gets in say goodbye to any semblance of a Jewish
Homeland Culture first victim will be the time honored Jewish Sabbath
and that's just for starts ........
11. Jew hatred acceptable but white supremists not Omar vs king
Republicans condemn their own while democrats refuse to name their Jew haters...
Corbyn antisemitism no different to democrat antisemitism
Identity politics falls apart when Jews or Asians are included as oppressed minorities. It doesn't fit their lies and so called narrative.
Cortez and tlaib amongst others incite hate as much as Omar.

12. American Jews missed the boat again.
Zzzz ,   NY, NY   (03.06.19)
Dems are your enemy. Wake up.
13. No point in arguing with Omar,Ocasio+ Tlaib
Sam ,   Montreal   (03.06.19)
They are anti-semites and there is no winning with anti-semites. They just get the attention they crave and don't deserve.
14. US democratic party, "islam" and Israel
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (03.06.19)
The United States can forbid "islam" in their country and end relations with all "islam" and dictatorship countries, as any other country also can do. That should have happened a long time ago. Then this congresswoman can be considered being a criminal, if she still "worship" that fake religion. And she can be treated as a criminal then, like anyone else in the same case. She has to learn the real meaning of racism. She better can go/emigrate to mecca, Arabian peninsula, for good..
15. Fellow Israelis: let's start making room for our American
brethren, for they are a'comin', sooner than they imagine....
Make plans for huge construction-sites of dwellings, for these soon-to-be disillusioned Americans....
Well: you'll be allowed to feel "American" only as long, as the Americans decide it is in their interest;
then it'll be "goodbye Jews"... sounds too familiar?
When will we ever learn?
16. Omar is supported by radical Marxists
C   (03.06.19)
alexandria ocasio-cortez is a marxist who wants to destroy freedom and
democracy in the united states.
she and omar and rashida tlaib are daughters of the democratic socialists
of america.
the question is, who is funding this group.
17. Headline should be democrats refuse to condemn antisemitism
When comes from blacks and Muslims, instead they enable and often support Jew hatred.

Time to stop pretending
18. just give these a**holes enuf rope to hang themselves...
Rafi ,   US   (03.06.19)
Just today Rep. Rashida Tlaib (the new Palestinian Congresswoman) announced that she'll file a motion to impeach Donald Trump.

The vast majority of Dem's know this action is way premature - and destined to fail & backfire.

Most importantly Nancy Pelosi is furious for these loud-mouthed newbies usurping her prerogative as leader...

And, as Trump learned, Nancy doesn't suffer fools readily... She'll know how to handle these upstarts.
19. King condemned by GOP, Omar supported by DNC who's evil??
20. Not to worry dumb american Jews will continue to support
Al   (03.07.19)
The dems..

Individually Jews are smart..

Collectively they are dumb as rocks.

21. Democrats the party of slavery, jim crow, kkk, black supremi
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