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Kylie ousts Zuckerberg from billionaire top spot
Associated Press
Published: 06.03.19, 12:49
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1. Wonderful country: a total "nobodies" with 0 talent are
able to make it to the very top of food-chain...
Truly: "only in America".
Of course, they somehow have talent for making $$$$.
That's something not to be sneered at :-))
2. There are only four ways to accumulate money:
The Red Fox ,   Rehovot   (04.04.19)
1. Earn it.
2. Make it
3. Steal it, or
4. Win it.

There are no other ways.

Marrying it - is considered part of no. 4, which involves a competition and winning.

Printing it - is considered part of no.3, which is stealing.

3. just another rich woman nothing to get excited about
zionist forever   (05.09.19)
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