Opinion  Alex Fishman
Islamic Jihad is the real threat from Gaza
Alex Fishman
Published: 08.03.19, 04:17
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1. Where are our soldiers and civilians?
Bb   (03.08.19)
The article misses to referee our soldiers and civilians kidnapped.
2. Israel attacking Iran in North ignoring them in South.
Sam ,   Montreal   (03.08.19)
Gaza not stopping violence even with Qatari money supply. It wants good life and to kill Jews.
3. Humans won't be sated
this human   (03.08.19)
We will expect the same results, generation after generation, we will do something different, or we will remain in our insanity.
4. Hamas itself couldn't say it better "It's not us"....
ab   (03.08.19)
5. Hamas dont want Islamic Jihad?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (03.08.19)

Egypt dont want Islamic Jihad

Fatah dont want Islamic Jihad

Israel dont want Islamic Jihad

Jordan dont want Islamic Jihad


Gazans dont want Islamic Jihad

See a convergence of interest?

One cant confront them effectively but put together?
6. "movement, Islamic Jihad is a military one"?
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (03.08.19)
no, not a military movement, but an Islamic terrororganization.

The "Palestinian Islamic Jihad" is a terrororganization with two objectives, 1st, to murder, maim and enslave Israelis and Jews and 2nd, to prevent agreements betweeen Falastinians and the Jewish State Israel.

For Zion
7. I was wounder who is the idiot behind this call!One gues?
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto -Kiriat Gat   (03.08.19)
8. No difference
DSM ,   USA   (03.08.19)
Israel's leaders must realize the country is not safe from any Muslim group no matter what area of Israel they border. There is no difference between Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and Muslims that don't speak up. All want Jews to be killed and Israel overthrown.
9. Threat and danger from Gaza
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (03.08.19)
Unfortunately Israel does not control the Egyptian border with the Gaza-strip. Only it"s own border and the Mediterannean Sea border. All "islam" Arabs (1.5-2 million) can be/are a threat to Israel, of course, including hamas and islamic jihad. And also do not trust the "islam" country Egypt,in this case, despite a so called peace accord. All belonging to the "islam" world caliphate, about 25% of the world-population/humankind. Except it"s own Israëli protection, the Israëli people also have the right on international protection and support, against criminal agression and war crimes/crimes against humanity (from Gaza). The criminal gang in Gaza must be broken and they must get what they deserve, dead or alive.
10. Anyone ever thought of squashing that jihadist turd in Gaza?
like: SERIOUSLY wanted to?!
11. gantz is not the man to take on hezbollah
jay   (03.09.19)
gantz is simply not the man to take on nasrollah. he has not shown it. regardless of his generalship, he is not a take charge type to go for the throat. he is more like olmert and bibi. do the minimum and chase ceasefires.

bennett is the man. israelis-wake up from your oslo dreams. read shapira if you want to know about gantz. not only gantz but yaalon was also found badly wanting in leading the war against hamas.

vote for bennett.
12. left vs right terms
jeb   (03.09.19)
left vs right is just political theater. the real issue is what is the policy against the bottom line.

Israelis rage against Oslo because of shattered bodies and dreams. they rage against unilateral Gaza withdrawal causing thousands of rockets and 3 wars to befall Israel.

one always has to be open to some discourse about peaceful relations but not phony bs. eyes should be wideopen. israelis shoujld not be offering anything. both sides and the land of Jordan have to be involved in discussions.rabin and begin sadly failed to pursue claims on parts of jordan.

yadlin for example says there is no peace partner, no 2 states but we should try it regardless.save a few, generals and some high ranking commandos do poorly as overall leaders. ehud barak was a disaster as pm.

gantz talks about winning on points while avoiding tunnels till late, and worrying about sacrificing troops. bibi is not much different. rabin's grandson may be right by describing him as a mediocre soldier at best. bibi avoids decisive wars because as nasrollah says, bibi is afraid.
so what to do? Vote in b ottom line israelis are undertand the map, secure borders and who can go all out in stalingrad type war.

gantz, lapid, bibi are not capable of such wars.indeed ashkenazi called gantz a jackass. bennett, feiglin are capable as is galant. vote for them.

don't vote for gantz or bibi. vote for the smaller parties of your choice.

israelis have to bear in mind on falsely relying on others. they have to control borders, not lease Jordan valley as bibi weakly offers, but own it!!
13. Only Moshe Feiglin & Zehut have the answers. Go research.
Volvi   (03.10.19)
14. Imagine if WW II Allies tried to "calm tensions" with Nazis!
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.11.19)
Hamas wants Israeli destroyed. Islamic Jihad wants Israel destroyed. Fatah wants Israel destroyed. The P.A. wants Israel destroyed. There are various "Palestinian" groups with various names, but they all have one common goal; the destruction of Israel. It is way past time for Israel to treat "Palestinians" as the mortal foes they are. Imagine if the WW II Allies adopted the policy to "calm tensions" with the Nazis!
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