Orthodox groups warn of 'Reform conquering Western Wall'
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 07.03.19, 23:25
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1. Fully supporting Women of the Wall. Rabinovitch leh "ba'hutz
Michael ,   California, USA   (03.08.19)
2. agenda of WoW
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (03.08.19)
The women off the wall are not about serving God, they are about being western liberal who give equality to the sexes.

Do they keep kosher? keep Shabbat? taharat misphach?

No! they are about making problems for religious and charadim in Israel.
3. Editor, much? ' concurring'?..really?.. n/m
David ,   Chicago   (03.08.19)
4. The men at the Western wall are supposed to pray
Not to peek on anything women are doing in their section, right? So mind you buisness. Mind your prayers and everything will be just fine.
5. If they support Jew prayer on ttemple mount ill support them
Bunch of leftie ideological extremists with fascist tendencies and only their belief is righteous.....
6. Pictures posted to paint a false picture of numbers of women
7. Haredi dominate own women,can't defend against Reform women
Sam ,   Montreal   (03.08.19)
8. We are all Jews
jochair Thijssen ,   Kfar Saba Israel   (03.08.19)
even Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky is a Jew, though he is not Israeli just haredi
Live and let live is my motto.
9. The IDF liberated the Western Wall
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (03.08.19)
Haredim had NOTHING to do with it. Even now, Haredim do not care about the well-being and security of the Jewish Sate Israel.

All Haredim take care, is to make a good living as parasites, without any contribution to Israel.

Haredim namely the extrem-orthodox sects, destroy our democratic values.
Personally, I wonder why they do not use anti-perspirants.

For Zion
10. reform jews
LARRY LISS ,   usa   (03.08.19)
get theis news ultra orthodox you are nothing but a mut sect formed in the ghettos of europe 300 years ago you are not GOD just another bunch of jews like me who were kicked out of israel 2000 years ago you contribute nothing to israel just suck there money you are cowards will not fight arabs in any war
11. Multi Domination Prayers
DSM ,   USA   (03.08.19)
It is about time. Israel will be better for it.
12. Witches at the wall.
seven seven ,   USA   (03.08.19)
These feminist witches hate Gd and worship themselves. They hate the heart of Israel. They seek to destroy everything that is wholesome. They look like prostitutes and lesbians. They have the character of Muslims.
13. The Orthodox Think They Own Everything
dorian s fund ,   tel aviv   (03.10.19)
No religious group has more or less rights to a historical site. Whether muslim, arab, orthodox jew or christian. These sites belong to all people. It is unimportant who owns the land as long as the sites are available to all who want to visit and pray.

The Wall is just that a wall, we have placed significant value on this wall, this piece of land and this structure but no group, religion or country has exclusive right to this place, It is a public place that should be available to all.

The public does not need to change their practices and their presences, it is the religious cults, sects, and groups that need to find a way to adjust theirs to allow open access. The orthodox should think as themselves as invited guests and act accordingly
14. the orthodox are not so bad...
Ex Oleh Chadash   (03.11.19)
I always say:

unless you are a kaparot chicken, you have no reason to dread them.
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