Bibi or Tibi: Netanyahu campaign draws accusations of incitement
Associated Press
Published: 10.03.19, 23:15
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1. admirer
haim kovici   (03.11.19)
U're mistaken this is not " incitement slander inappropriate comments (ISIC)"

I demand display my ADMIRATION comment on PM Bibi I just wrote in under
[ Torah-Algorithm-Artificial \i/ntelligence on “ Bibi or Tibi “ ]
How about the nuisance above "pimping out your mother"; it is sickening ISIC.
2. "Speaks fluent Hebrew"-for AP it's a great qualification ,
ab   (03.11.19)
proving somehow Tibi's "moderation". This never serving in the IDF arab received doctor education in Israel,"discriminating arab minority"
3. It has ALWAYS been about "Us" vs "Them". Jews or Arabs: THAT
IS the quintessential issue of every elections for the past 25 years!
4. Israel is the only country (I can think of) suffering from
Lupus (autoimmune illness).
5. I will take Tibi And Rotem Sela and exclude the Racists
Yossi   (03.12.19)
And Israel will be much better place. All racists are welcome to move to the moon, because no Arabs and no Leftists on the moon.
6. If you don't believe it is so: just go ahead, vote Zandberg!
(may her name forever live in infamy!)
7. Gantz will wear the crown but Lapid will be the policy king
zionist forever   (03.13.19)
Before he signed up with Lapid Gantz popularity came from the fact he had nothing to say on any subject, nobody knew his policies or anything else he would do if he won. They have now talking a little bit about policy now and 99% of it is Yesh Atid policy for the simple fact Gantz has non of his own. Gatntz is nothing more than a figurehead and Lapid is the decision maker. It is unlikely though that Lapid will be able to form a coalition without the arabs and if Likud refuse to join a Gantz / Lapid coalition even if its the largest party unless they can form a coalition then Netanyahu will be given an opportunity, The haredi will not join Gantz because of Lapid and the nationalists and far right will not join so that leaves just very small Meretz & Labor and the arabs and they will all be needed to get the minimum 61.
8. 2
zionist forever   (03.13.19)
My wife speaks fluent english, hebrew, german and some farsi so does that make her a suitable candidate for the Iranian elections?
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