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Trump bringing trade war to Israel
Omri Milman, Bloomberg
Published: 10.03.19, 19:25
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1. Correct on tariffs but Trump is a failure in everything else
Michael ,   California, USA   (03.10.19)
2. thank you mr. president
eli ,   tel aviv   (03.10.19)
we can grow our own tomatoes.
3. It ain't broke no need to fix it!
Trump wants to make money for himself and his buddies and screw Israel.
We need to say "No!"
4. This is an attack on Israel! Trump = antiSemite
5. Trade war
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (03.10.19)
In this case, to hell with wars and trade wars. It is just like a little child, who does not get her/his own way and becomes mad and angry then. The present American president. All those wars, trade wars, boycots and sanctions, to foreign countries. Where does/will it lead to? Does it make the United States more powerful and stronger and more influential and greater, because he perhaps wants to rule not only his own country, but also the entire world/humankind? What has happened to past empires, who whant to rule the world, in history? Will he learn from that? Is that good for the US national interest and is that good for the interest of the other countries? Not only Donald Trump is responsible. Also those who voted for him, in 2016. Without their votes, he would not be able to become president. Of course it was the choice of a great part/majority? of the American people, in that year, whether we like it, or not. It was a Amercan business/affair. Except a nationality/citizenship of our own home/birthcountry, we also have to deal with the international community/world/the rest of humankind, the worldpopulation and humanrace (7-8 billion people)..
6. God forbid we should be exposed to a true free market! What
would our local greedy, bloodsucking dealers do then?!
No, better keep on poisoning us with low quality/ high priced produce....
7. Amer. produce is LOADED with GLYPHOSATE, just like Israeli
smokeonwater   (03.11.19)
Glyphosate is a #1 CANCER causing chemical in pesticides, which Israel being an American puppet, widely uses as well - on ALL crops, in parks and basically everywhere where is a little grass left. Israel is also a world champion in using pesticides. So YES, Israelis will enormously benefit from consuming more american chemicals in american garbage, and of course will get more cancers and other health SMART and eat ORGANIC as much as possible in order to force Israeli agriculture change its direction, like did recently KIRGIZSTAN, which announced just last week that they are going to grow ONLY 100% organic vegetables and fruits, like they did for thousands of years before poisonous american capitalism managed to infiltrate their agriculture and their culture.
8. Israel's biggest trade partner is the EU, not the US
Meir ,   Israel   (03.11.19)
9. If you can grow your own tomatoes..
Aviv T ,   Tel Aviv   (03.11.19)
..why would you also need to impose tariffs on US imports? Perhaps it is because your prices are not competitive? I think a little competition will do good by reducing the cost of produce for Israeli consumers, who have been forced to foot the bill for so long...
10. Minn louse, Schiff demolishes you.Go hide in your mouse hole
Michael ,   California, USA   (03.11.19)
The Democrats and women are coming to power, they are taking over.
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