Wonder Woman takes on Netanyahu in row over Israeli Arab rights
Ynet, AFP
Published: 11.03.19, 10:22
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1. To get ahead in Hollywood one must have Hollywood views
Alan ,   SA   (03.11.19)
2. Much ado about nothing for it's very simple.
tiki ,   belgium   (03.11.19)
Israel is a Jewish state with equal rights for all it's minorities!

It works like this in all EU countries!

Christian countries with equal rights for all it's minorities.

Countries many uninformed Israeli's take as an example.

Time to stop this nonsense once and for all.

Don't force Israel to be more Papal than the Pope.
3. Wonder WoMen
David Miltier ,   Kibbutz Gat   (03.11.19)
Israel's WONDER WOMEN - beautiful souls!!!
4. confusion!
rimoczi ,   Duesseldorf   (03.11.19)
She is a Wonder Woman not a Wonder Thinker!
5. Gal, stay in Hollywood with the other lost Jews...
Hollywood ,   Hollywood, PRK   (03.11.19)
and STFU!
6. WTF does happen to our fellow Israelis once they become rich
and famous?!
I know: when it comes to being "somebody" in Hollywood it's called Political Correctness (self-censorship in layman's terms) and to hell with old & wrinkled Israel....
7. IDIOTIC leftist Jews are a DISGRACE and danger for the
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (03.11.19)
Jewish state !!!!!!!!
8. wonderbra
victor leon ,   rome   (03.11.19)
She has a point.
Israel has to be a nation state for the Jews.
Why only for the Jews?
Israel has first to rebuild itself
After 5000 years of humliiation and persecution

Because, Jews are UNTIL TODAY totaly ignored, discriminated and excluded, ias well by the muslims, christian and other nations.

Quid pro quo
9. As Sarah Esther above said,only rightwing Jews can speak out
Ken   (03.11.19)
10. concerned citizen
brian bert ,   misgav   (03.11.19)
Rotem and Gal,
Very well done! As I see it, between the two of you, there's more guts and wisdom than the whole government put together!! As an ex South African I watch in horror as these arrogant leaders of ours are willingly leading us into the path of Apartheid. We have lost our way as Jews, our values are being eroded by our leaders. Proud of you two (and our President by the way)!

11. WE didn't like being treated as dhimmis in Arab lands...
David ,   Hartford USA   (03.11.19)
so don't make Arabs feel like dhimmis in Israel. Yes, Israel is the national homeland of the Jewish people, but it is also the national homeland of everyone who lives here, Christian, Muslim, or atheist.

Is it too much to ask our leaders to stop saying stupid things?
12. Israel IS the Jewish homeland!
Riva ,   Betar Ilit   (03.11.19)
It's right there in the Torah, given thousands of years ago by G-d! We should respect other people, sure, but we also don't have to feel guilty as a people that Israel belongs to the Jewish people.
Wonder woman is a fantasy while PM Bibi is actually trying to keep Israel safe and ours. I know many disagree, but the world is a tough place, and he has the knowledge and experience to deal with many problems.
OLEG ,   florida   (03.11.19)
14. She can speak, that's a given. She can have opinions, that's
her right.
She can also exercise the option of thinking first- then speaking (or NOT)
I'd strongly advise her on that last possibility.
These otherwise not so noteworthy "thinkers" unfortunately carry a lot of weight coupled with their fame, in the eyes of general public (the mob)
She knows it.
THAT's what she's using it for?
Besides: that Rotem Sela woman is unbearable to watch.
Maybe it's me, but she comes across as a fake and a snake....
Never could stomach her looks. Kind of ...degenerate, but in a BAD way!
15. 'Love thy neighbor as thyself'
Lhungdim ,   Nesher   (03.11.19)
Ms Gadot should know that the above-quoted text doesn't say 'make them as your equal'!
Not even a 100 years have passed since the Holocaust and here we're surrounded by young Jews and Israelis speaking of 'equality', 'democracy', etc.!
My young friends, if you ignored the past history tend to, God forbid, repeat itself.
Kudos to Bibi!
Rafi ,   US   (03.11.19)
Right-wing can't handle the truth...
oleg ,   naples florida   (03.11.19)
18. Official
Peter ,   Tel Aviv   (03.11.19)
Our pm in all his legal woes is making history.
With his answer to rotem he actually de facto acknowledged that Israel has turned into an apartheid state.
That happened probably because all his advisors are either in jail or under wraps on state witnesses deal.
19. Wonder Woman sold her soul to Leftist Hollywood
“WonderWoman”NoMore! ,   Jerusalem   (03.12.19)
“ Wonder Woman” just threw The Jewish Homeland under the bus for looking good in the eyes of Assimilated “ Jewish” Hollywood and of course above all she sold her people for ..$$$$$$$ among millions of Israeli Jews she is no longer in any form a “ wonder woman” rather “ Opportunist Woman “ “ Post Zionist Woman” she just lost her title ..along with her Jewish soul.
20. So sad seeing Gal has turned yet another mindless parrot,
thinking only about herself.
Stop listening to your agents: all they have in mind, is their next salary coming from marketing you on the clueless Hollywood-"Reservation"...
You'll be fine and also (even more important): you can be proud of your country and vice versa.
But hey, I'm certainly NOT in your
21. I had no inkling Sela was an "actress"!? Seriously, woman
has charisma of a tax-collector.....
22. I know her IQ is high enough to grasp the consequences of
such "critique".
To quote immortal words of Michael Corleone:
"You NEVER take sides against the family"!!!!!
Isn't she aware of the fact, that her words will be used and abused by any/every garden variety Islamo-fascist, trying to portray Israel as 'apartheid state"?!
Is brain of Wonder Woman of such poor quality?
Is scoring career points in the clueless Hollywood that important?
23. "Wonder Woman" now "Clueless Woman" sold her soul $$$$$$
"OportunistWoman"$$ ,   Jerusalem Israel   (03.12.19)
Stay in Hollywood we have enough "Post Zionist Women" living in the
luxury high rises of the Coastal Elite Post Zionist Ghetto of Tel Aviv
"Wonder less Woman" just mated her soul with the already soulless Hollywood Crowd Boooooooooooooooooo! "Clueless Woman "
24. Don't Arabs in Israel call themselves "Palestinian"?
Shmilfke ,   Dublin   (03.12.19)
From what I understand, Arabs in Israel don't call themsevles Israeli. The call themselves "Palestinian Citizens of Israel". So what are they getting all upset about? Netanyahu agrees with them
25. Whatever totem says she's gorgeous and that's all that matte
Tehraniporou   (03.12.19)
Ealong with shaked black stockings
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