Revealed: Rabbinate making Israelis undergo Jewish DNA test before being allowed to marry
Moran Azoulay
Published: 11.03.19, 13:52
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1. do not understand
Jean-Paul Benhamou ,   Raanana   (03.11.19)
If a jew man married to a goy woman, their children are goys-halacha- but what happens with DNA? may be DNA jew -50% chance, no connection with halacha
2. The Law of Return was defined the way it was
exactly to prevent this insult to WWII victims and their offspring - that they would be "too Jewish" for the Nazis, but "not Jewish enough" for the Jewish state. Educated Russian immigrants have been the leading force behind the Israeli "Start-Up nation". They have repaid the debt to this country multiple times already. Just accept them and if you think that they are not Jewish enough, then introduce them into the tradition more. Embrace them and take them as a fresh blood into the veins of the old nation. After all, the science behind those DNA tests says that genetic diversity is a crucial aspect of survival.
3. I am rabidly right wing& die hard patriot and I demand that
the SOBs responsible for this outrage (IF TRUE) be hanged from a tree as close to the Rabinate as possible!
These usurpers of “god” must be removed from our public sphere, by brute force, if necessary.
If we cannot live as free people in our own country than nothing else is worth a damn here!!!!!!!!!!
4. Things are out of hand...I was married in the Rabbinut, yet.
NYNY   (03.11.19)
.. to return to Israel I must provide a Proof of Judaism letter from a Rabbi who knows me. So why how did I marry and why was I circumcised?
5. the main definition of who is a Jew is biological, period
khalid Amayreh ,   occuipied Jerusalem   (03.11.19)
6. The Nuremberg racial laws authors dreamed of DNA tests
Raphael ,   Netanya   (03.11.19)
This degenerated rabbi realized them.
Time to strip the shtreimel wizards of their powers upon the state.
7. Lieberman is deperately trying
Moe Levinson ,   Israel   (03.11.19)
to save his sinking political fortunes using all sorts of chicanery. And of course, anything he can accuse the Orthodox Jews or the Rabbinate of -- who knows? Maybe it'll help push him over the electoral threshold. Or so he hopes.
8. Genetially Jewish
Mark ,   London   (03.11.19)
Things have moved on. I remember going to a lecture where it was categorically stated that there is no such thing as Jewish genes. It now turns out there are very distinctive markers for many if not all Jewish ethnicities.

As far as the Rabbinate is concerned, Russians should show 100%, 75% 50% or 25% Ashkenazi heritage. I'm pretty certain they cannot tell if it is through the maternal or paternal line. (Much) smaller percentages show genetic mixing in a more distant past. I understand it is quite common. A small percentage may not come from a single individual anyway.

As for Berber genes, the genetic inheritance would have to include a great amount of endogamy to that sole group, possibly over many generations. I'm just not sure the problem hits that community so hard.
9. This Law of Return must be changed. Russians, Ukranians
Olim hadashim ,   Tel Aviv   (03.11.19)
etc. must be repatriated to their native lands back.

10. How sarsourian of him! Make him get tested as well...
The Istanbulian ,   Istanbul   (03.12.19)
11. if this is science...
Ex Oleh Chadash   (03.12.19)
in the first world, democratic free countries, this man could be considered a racist, maybe go to the jail, if he really stated this.

I've never heard such nonsense, do a blood test before getting married to prove ethnicity.

If someone is "not defined as Jews according to Halacha" - only thing you can do is suggest him/her to convert.

Don't complain if anti-Semites call all of us bigots and racists.
12. One more proof (if ever needed) that "religion poisons every
thing" -that's a Hitchens quote.
13. You want to put these creeps in black garb in their place?
Just STOP marrying at the bloody diseased Rabbinate!
What's your problem people?
You kids won't be "Jewish"?
Believe you me: they'll be Jewish enough to go to the Army& pay taxes and get jobs....
Hit the bastards where it hurts; at their "parnuse"!
let these mo-fos starve to death for all I care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
14. Dispora
David ,   Germany   (03.12.19)
Since the fall of the second temple we have been spread-out in the world for over 2,000 years! And now you are looking for 100%!! Daaa!!!
We are truly blessed with great spiritual leaders!!
15. Make sense
David ,   New york   (03.12.19)
Russia/former Soviet Union is essentially a factory for fake birth certificates
I trust nothing from Russia
DNA can help bolster a case when the documentation is shaky
16. Rabbis need tested too.
jochair thijssen ,   Kfar Saba Israel   (03.12.19)
DNA goes back to the stone age, but converts may be in trouble.
17. MyFaketage DNA™ test
LOL   (03.13.19)
Special price, only today for 300US$.

Then, take the test to the RABBANUT™ and, for special price, pay more 300 US$, You will get a hechsher kosher certificate stamp on it valid for all purposes: alyah, marriage, weedindgs, burials, bar-mitzvas and so on.

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