‘All Israelis have equal rights,’ Rivlin says in apparent rebuke to Netanyahu
Yishai Porat
Published: 11.03.19, 15:50
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1. They learned
John   (03.11.19)
Bibi and his supporters had a very good teacher. They learned everything from the past which the world did bleed. Their mentors are the Nazi’s. Instead by learning over the past, they obsessed by creating a new bloody history: the Jewish Nazis. You don’t need any foreign enemy. You will destroy yourself thanks people like Bibi. And our children will teach their children about a civilization called Jews. A population which was once so far becoming worlds most intelligent human beings. But they were selfish. God punished them by creating a creature called “Bibi and his family’s and friends “
2. Netanyahu is being honest about Jewish fascism.
Khalid Amayreh ,   occupied Jerusalem   (03.11.19)
3. Rivlin is repeating exactly what Netanyahu said
Jake   (03.11.19)
In the second part of Netanyahu's response to Rotem Sela, which our Channel 12 News conveniently cut off, Netanyahu added:

"As you wrote, there is no problem with the Arab citizens of Israel. They have equal rights like all of us and the Likud government has invested more in the Arab sector than any other government".

It is a matter of fact that Israel is and has always been a Jewish, democratic state.
Meaning, it is the Nation State of the Jewish People, but it also a State where all citizens enjoy equal rights as individuals.
Rafi ,   US   (03.11.19)
Netanyahu will clearly do ANYTHING to stay in power...

including destroying the social integrity of the State...
5. Only In A Place Like Israel Could Netanyahu Be PM
World Citizen ,   the world   (03.11.19)
The man will say and do anything to stay in power. He's a disgrace.
6. Decision about equal rights in Israel
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (03.11.19)
If the Arabs do nothing criminal in Israel and also are loyal to Israel, perhaps they can become/stay Israëli citizens with equal rights. I propose, forbid "islam (in Israel) and end all relations with "islam" countries until "islam has been disappeared or destroyed. I often wrote my opinion about that. The Arabs must end "worshiping" the criminal ideology "islam", if they want to stay in Israel. That is very reasonable, I think. If they commit crimes, they must be punished or/and kick out of Israel, to Mecca. Then they can ask forgiveness for their sins and crimes there and stay there. All.h knows how to hanldle. ALL.HUH/G.D AKHBAR! Also a suggestion: organize a binding referendum about that issue and let the Israëli people decide themselves about that. If even the good-willing and no-criminal Arabs and other non-jewish people in Israel are not welcome anymore and have to leave the country, to make Israel a Jewish land and state, with/for only Jewish people. Those people have to be compensated then, so that they can emigrate safely to other countries (with permission of all parties) It is about/almost 3 million people in Israel, perhaps 30% of the people, about 9 million people in total, living there. Maybe Israel has to pay a certain part, with the help of friends, together with the international community and the United Nations, for example. Then the UN can prove that they can/want spend their money in a useful and right way. Perhaps then the realisation of a/the Jewish state will become possible, if that is the will of the Jewish people. Much wisdom for the Jewish or/and Israëli people in their country, by solving that difficult, complicated issue.
7. not the same in arab countries
attan ,   paris   (03.11.19)
in any arab country jewish citizen when it happens there are any are equally considered as other people
8. Our buffoon President always knows when to say wrong things.
9. Just like the Hollywood PC-crowd, our resident fool of a
President feels, he must volunteer "righteous" views at every occasion.
What does he think he is, a beauty pageant contestant:
"Working for World-Peace & Brotherhood"... ???!!!!
10. succinctly explained by Erdan
Roland ,   Jerusalem   (03.12.19)
Erdan also referred to the President's remarks about discourse towards the Arabs: "The President was wrong; there's no connection between the individual rights of Israeli Arabs and national rights, and it isn't clear why the President doesn't understand this."
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