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Then Sadat said: ‘No one believed that I truly sought peace’
Smadar Perry
Published: 11.03.19, 23:28
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1. Historic and Insightful account by Smadar of those days
Alan ,   SA   (03.12.19)
2. That was THEN and even that wasn't the real truth! We're
still blinded by the "glow" of that moment, thinking that in the heart of every Jihaddi terrorist hides a potential 'Sadat".
How clueless can a nation get?
3. OH NO! Again trying to sell us "peace of the Brave"?! Enough
4. Yo, Anwar, let me tell you a secret: till this day I don't
think you really sought PEACE.
You sought a way to promote/propel Egypt, which in itself is a noble endeavor.
You did succeed in that splendidly.
Israel in turn, got the peace-opiate cure, that plagues us until this very day!
5. Cold Shmold-Israel got 40+years of no-war.What did we get
Alan ,   SA   (03.12.19)
from Syria or Iran or Lebanon?-nothing zilch- a few miserable mini wars , and lots of terror!.Today President Al Sisi carries on with Sadat tradition with fantastic friendship to Israel .... It would be even more close,but it is as fast as he can afford to go given his public. Nevertheless Pres Al Sisi tries his best and he and his efforts are appreciated very very much..May I say Viva Sisi!. Israel should help Pres Al Sisi as much as is possible..A fantastic man.
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