US senator vows to seek recognition of Israeli rule in Golan
Associated Press
Published: 11.03.19, 21:42
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1. Leftists despise Assad. Except on the matter of the Golan.
Touch Touchy ,   Pogamogon, YD   (03.11.19)
2. m
moishe   (03.11.19)
possession and military might is 10/10 of the law. Israel does not need US approval. does not mean much in Arab circles. they don't respect the law but respect power. because Israel is a discriminated minority in the world it needs support by powerful allies. Golan should be considered Israel.
3. Historical ignorance, Golan part of mandate illegal to cede.
The Golan was part of the mandate for Palestine which clearly states that no land may be ceded to another entity.
This portion of land was illegally passed to France and became modern Syria. This was disputed territory with Israel being the prime legal claimant.

Not sure why journalists seem ignorant to many of the facts on this matter.
4. ph.d advisors ross, indyk, kurtzer
rick   (03.12.19)
all these national security advisors cut from the same cloth are disconnected theoreticians dealing in appeasement.
for israel, golan is Israeli by history, archaeology and defensive war-end of story. 22 arab nations don't like it-it is irrlevant. golan is oxygen to Israel.

indyk, on a par with levy for the most loathsome individual out there, says arab world won't accept it. big deal. golan is Israeli-end of story. indyk can jump in the lake with his john kerry appeasement prescriptions.
5. Golan is a part of Israel
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (03.12.19)
Israel is from the Nile to the Euphrates. Also see for example the Chritian Bible. The other countries/people (in the Middle East) have enough space to live. All the "islam" Arabs can live in Mecca easily, perhaps more than 400 million or/and almost 2 billion who 'worship" the criminal ideology of "islam"".can keep eachother company.
6. Notice how Israel's true friends are almost all Republicans?
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.13.19)
It can't escape our notice that Israel's true friends, in America, are almost all Republicans. Yes liberal Jewish cretins keep licking the Democrat boots that kick Israel and American Jews.
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