US drops 'occupied' from description of West Bank, Golan Heights
Itamar Eichner
Published: 13.03.19, 18:32
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FO ,   Belgium   (03.13.19)
Dear Mr. Graham, not only is the Golan in Israeli hands and will always remain in the hands of Israel, but it ALWAYS was Jewish-Israeli property, as decided unanimously by ALL the 51 members of the League of Nations the 24th of July 1922, and NEVER was part of Syrian real estate! And the same is true concerning the so called "West Bank" and of course the total city of Jerusalem! The League's decision became International Law, valid to this day and reaffirmed under Article 80 of the United Nations' Charter.
2. recognition is symbolic only
zionist forever   (03.13.19)
Sadly its doubtful that the US will recognise Israeli sovereignty over the Golan as Trump has said in the past that its not in Americas interests to do so bur even if they do its just symbolic and will not stop the land for peace negotiations. Israel annexed the Golan in 1981 but it did not stop Rabin, Peres, Netanyahu ( during first term ), Barak or Olmert all negotiating its return to Syria, the only PM who has refused to negotiate since Oslo is Sharon. If the US recognised Israeli sovereignty over the Golan is America would be negotiating the return of the Israeli Golan instead of the occupied Syrian Golan. As soon as things calm down in Syria the Israeli left will be at it again and the next Obama will be putting pressure on Israel to negotiate giving the Israeli Golan to Syria.
3. Well done United States.
Ex Files ,   Ponga Boat, CA   (03.13.19)
Next move: Deport Ilhan Omar to a Syrian refugee camp. Show Assad we care.
4. words matter
Lauren ,   Haifa   (03.14.19)
Words matter. This is a welcome change which clarifies facts without ignoring problems. I can't help thinking how amazing it would have been if the previous administration had taken these simple but important actions.
5. Uninformed Spokesman
David Jankowski ,   Minooka   (03.14.19)
The State Department spokesman would like to believe what he said, but Pompeo used the new wording on purpose. This is definitely a change in policy. I believe that Bolton had a part in this new statement as well. Finally, America has two foreign policy experts who understand the real issues between Israel and the Arabs.
6. too long
David Jankowski   (03.14.19)
You guys take way too long to approve a comment. The Jerusalem Post has not waiting period. What are you afraid of? You can always block something if it's truly in bad taste.
7. ???????????
FO ,   Belgium   (03.14.19)
After having written what I wrote in post # 1, may I, and we all, ask the question, why and for what reason nobody ever spoke about what is written there? Not Netanyahu, who’s father Benzion was one of the authors of UN Charter Article 80, not Bennett, not Shaked...Not one politician! NOBODY! Should it remind me the French (Jewish) author who wrote in English translation "The Great Betrayal"?
8. Thank you again, Trump! No more "West Bank" in Israel either
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.14.19)
Thank you once again, Donald Trump! It is way past time Israel stopped referring to liberated Judea and Samaria as the "West Bank". It is way past time to stop referring to "Israeli occupation". This tiny land is ours now and forever!
9. Golan Heights, West-Bank and so on, a.s.o.
Sjoerd van der Land ,   Hoorn Holland   (03.15.19)
Let us stop using the words West Bank and use Judea and Samaria, as a part of Israel. The Golan also belongs to Israel and the Gaza-Strip too. And Jerusalem, as the capital of Israel. The Jewish and democratic land and state of Israel is/= the land between the Nile and the Euphrates, in the Middle-East and Asia/Africa and perhaps even more.
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