Will Brazil's Bolsonaro deliver embassy move during upcoming Israel visit?
Published: 14.03.19, 08:26
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1. 1800 million Muslims would ruin Brazil's economy-period
kihalid Amayreh ,   occupied Jerusalem   (03.14.19)
2. Will Israel also cut the relations, if it fails
like it did with one of the small Central American countries? Or has a big bully met even a bigger bully this time?
3. Noah-David Israel: If Jews do it, so can we
khallid ,   occupied Jerusalem   (03.14.19)
If Jewish-ruled America can do it, so can Muslims
Besides, we have the right to buy or not to buy -It is like freedom of speech, so pls don'r try to outsmart yourself
4. Embassy move?
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (03.14.19)
Why the waiting and delay to do so? Be brave, wise and and clear, in this case. JERUSALEM IS THE CAPITAL OF ISRAEL. Any country has the right to choose it"s own capital, in it"s country and can change that to another town in it"s country any time.
5. Nobody's doing such favors& commits financial ruin. We'd
have to offer some very substantial substitute(s) and I fear we're not THAT powerful.
6. they surely know how, their own economies are ruins.
7. Noah-David-2-The criminal "ideology" protected yr asses for
khalid ,   occupied Jerusalem   (03.14.19)
1400 years/

the truly evil ideology is the one that views non-Jews as beasts of burden. Read yr Talmud and Old Testament before emitting your mouth with idiocy and ignorance....or read Chesronot Shas or Hatanya!!

— Benjamin Franklin i said:The heart of a fool is in his mouth, but the mouth of a wise man is in his heart.
8. Brazil is a country plenty of problems
Ex Oleh Chadash   (03.15.19)
this is not our problem.

Should save money and let embassy stay where it actually is, in TLV.

BR tends to be a neutral country when it comes to diplomacy, something like the Switzerland.

Everyone is welcome here, regardless of religion or national origin.

I had Lebanese descendants mates, when I was a teen in high school here; we never hated each other because of Middle East problems.

Brazil should not get involved into Israeli problems/agenda. Jews are a minority here, and most don't want to make alyah.
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