'IDF will shoot African infiltrators,' Israeli official tells shocked activists
Amir Alon
Published: 14.03.19, 13:04
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1. Teach them Hebrew, have them do a 5 year stint in the IDF,
The Istanbulian ,   Istanbul   (03.14.19)
Allow them to become Jewish, and then grant them tax paying citizenship.
2. Jewish approach to non-Jews=kill first,ask questions later
khalid ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (03.14.19)
3. What ever happened to the most "moral" army?
Also wonder what if these were white refugees....would residents of South Tel Aviv be more accepting?
4. 20K Africans can live in Israel but children of Holocaust...
can't even enter the country without a Proof of Judaism letter from a Rabbi who knows them.
5. na
mark ,   UK   (03.14.19)
Last I checked, it was the Egyptians who were shooting them and asking questions later.
6. First of all Egypt is not dumb enough to
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (03.14.19)
Take them back or is any other African country no matter how poor they are and why should they.Eritrea's can be returned to Eritrea-and the Sudanese through an independent authority can be sent back there also.The whole foreign workers thing has got completely out of hand.Decades the government has done nothing whilst Israelis suffer.Whether restaurants or hotels or whatever get cheap labour is neither here nor there.
Why we are making arrangements with the UN beats me and who are the UN to suggest we absorb these people.Let the liberal tearjerking snowflakes spend one night on nevah shanaan street and find out what its like.
Our priority is to our citizens- if there is money to pay them to leave then firstly there is money for our old age citizens our children and our welfare.
Hard as it may sound Israel is not the home for every tom dick or harry .If they are unhappy with their own countries then go back and change them.
Most of us built this country with our own blood sweat and tears for what?
We have no obligation to house or feed or shelter over 50,000 illegal infiltrators .
7. 4
zionist forever   (03.15.19)
The proof of Judaism is to prevent non Jews trying to take advantage of the Law of Return because they want to live in Israel but otherwise wound not be eligible.
When Israel brought in about 1 million Soviet citizens about 500,000 were not even Jewish because they slipped through the net
8. Classic talking points against illegal migrants
Tehraniporou   (03.15.19)
What makes me laugh is the military language in il. The migrants are infiltrators! I want to infilitrate shaked house and invite her to a spa with me!
9. best price
ex Oleh Chadash   (03.16.19)
I remember a Mozambican man selling blankets on a street in Tel Aviv. I bought a blanket much cheaper than in the store.
Infiltrates are not all bad.
10. IDF to shoot infiltrators. NEVER. The author should be sued
Eden   (03.16.19)
For Libel lies and false trickery using media
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