This election cycle is full of strategy but devoid of values
Ariela Ringel Hoffman
Published: 14.03.19, 16:09
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1. And I say "When in doubt, don't vote!"
barbara ,   Haifa   (03.14.19)
2. I did find someone who speaks of values
eli ,   tel aviv   (03.14.19)
His name is Moshe Feiglin.
3. The outcome of the election is already known.
Sam ,   Montreal   (03.14.19)
The outcome is either - 1) Blue and White with Likud - not likely. 2) Blue and White with the Arab parties - not likely. 3) Likud and the Right with the religious parties - most likely. There was a time when the centre-Left formed the coalition with the religious parties but the leftist leaders have lost any good judgment and the election race is now over before it has even begun.
4. it's super simple
Vered, Israel   (03.14.19)
If you don't want Bibi, vote Gantz. That's all. If Gantz doesn't get enough votes, Bibi will be reelected. If you vote Meretz, or anything other than Gantz, Bibi wins. Now is not the time to make a specific statement. Now is not the time for nuance or wishful preferences. It's Bibi or Gantz. Whom do you like better? That's the only question
5. time to mature, Israel!
a bi-partisan system like in the US means less backroom deals with small parties whose support cost a lot to the major block forming a coalition. In the US it has been Republicans vs Democrats for decades. In Israel it is Bibi vs Ganz. Simple.
6. Ideology of Meretz?:"Traitors are good for Jews", but I dare
to disagree............
7. Vote either FOR Bibi & Israel, or AGAINST Bibi and your own
That's the real issue this time around.
8. Because you placed picture of Zandberg in this piece, now I
have to throw away my PC-screen.
It's been contaminated beyond repair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9. Values?
אליהו   (03.15.19)
What value will you find in meretz or labor except for maybe the license to silence babies in the womb,
10. How the hell did picture of Zandberg(may her name live in
infamy) did get into an article, where the term "values" also appears?!
11. Election is about saving Israel from catastrophic left
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.18.19)
Ringel Hoffman has got it completely wrong. This election is all about saving Israel from the catastrophic left. The last time leftists ruled Israel, they gave us Oslo and almost destroyed our sole tiny Jewish Homeland. Idiotic leftist maniacs must NEVER be allowed to govern Israel again. It took us 2,000 years to reclaim Israel. We MUST NOT let the left destroy Israel.

Israel, DON'T fall for Gantz. He is a leftist lying to get elected. That is why he tries so hard to suppress the truth. VOTE patriotic right!
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