As Gazans protest cost of living, Hamas could use Israel strike as diversion
Elior Levy
Published: 14.03.19, 20:51
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1. They got what they wished for!
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (03.14.19)
What's the problem here? They voted for Hamas, they got them! Now they need to get rid of the terrorists thugs who don't care about them.
2. Springtime
Lee ,   LA   (03.15.19)
Eventually the slaves of Gaza will want an economy. Hamas won't deliver it. The Friday Fence Follies will continue as it a a paid job. But, eventually even the dupd and stupid smarten up when they aren't fed, watered, housed and still not an inch closer to Jerusalem. Then there is a matter of cowardice as the so called hamas leadership and their families are fed, housed and far from the border on Friday.
Tim ,   Brighton   (03.15.19)
1.Why are they perpetuating a futile conflict..when after DECADES it has not advanced the prospect of statehood ONE INCH
2.All their initiated conflict with Israel has produced is blockade, poverty and misery
3.Where has the vast amounts of PA funding, aid and Hamas levies assigned for rebuilding and reconstruction GONE?
4.Does Hamas believe its better to spend UP TO 70% OF THEIR REVENUE on weapons, tunnels and blood money than on the well being of Gaza?
5.How much are each of the Hamas Elite WORTH and where and how did they accumulate such vast wealth while Gazans remain poverty stricken?
6.Why is it that Hamas CRACK DOWN SO BRUTALLY on dissent? What have they to FEAR? Is THIS the only way they can hold on to power?


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