Palestinian militants in Gaza fire two rockets at Tel Aviv area
Published: 14.03.19, 21:17
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1. Why is this allowed to continue ?
DSM ,   USA   (03.14.19)
Forget emergency meetings Bibi. Time to act like a leader and put an end to this terrorism once and for all. Forget firing into empty buildings. Show the terrorists and supporting Arab countries the price of terroristic acts will no longer bring tepid responses from Israel. There is an election coming and this is the time for Bibi to protect the citizens of Israel and to prove he is really a leader and not just another blowhard politician bent on protecting his own position.
2. Empty fields to be bombed again,that's all what IDF can
ab   (03.14.19)
3. You should not retaliate
anonymous man Gaza ,   Gaza   (03.14.19)
You should not retaliate, Gaza today had riots that were suppressed By Hamas, if you retaliate no one in Gaza would dare follow up these riots because they will simply call them a traitor, they just fired these rockets hoping that the IDF would retaliate to shut the people up
4. End this now
Avi L.   (03.14.19)
Some "expert" have been droning for years on these pages that in case of war against the lebanese khomeinists, Israel should send the whole country back to the stone age, which is utterly unitelligent and counterproductive for many reason the first being that Lebanon is khomeinist's hostage and has no control over Iran's minions.

In the same time whatever comes from Gaza is Hamas responsibility and occurs because Hamas find it convenient to let it happen

In this case hitting Hamas leadership makes sense, is legitimate, legal and would find a diplomatic silence and understanding ... and it would be out of S400 reach

Beyond the fact that it would send the message that Israel is in the retribution game as of olds

But it would be too risky for our Dear Leader Bibi (allegedly) involved in the x000 affairs and before the elections
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (03.15.19)
Its progress and life. Gaza just got another beating and will keep taking more bearings until its habitants will start are al revolt against the mullhas. Israel has no peace partner in Gaza nor WB. She should just continue on its success. She has no choice. Muslim ideology is about repression and against the modern world. Even if you hand Israel on silver plater to the PALIS, they will destroy it and will turn it into a desert that once it was.
6. Not enough
Ed ,   USA   (03.15.19)
Not enough for Hamas to say they didn't do it. As the government of Gaza, Hamas is responsible for insuring that it does not happen or, at least, to find and prosecute the perpetrators.
7. iranian trap
bob exe   (03.14.19)
Iranian trap, the riposte is not gaza but on the heights of golan and hezbollah, the strategy is coarse
8. Iran has openly called for Israels destruction
k ,   US   (03.14.19)
and sends weapons and provokes those around Israel to do its fighting, taking out the Iranian leadership and all its allies is something that has to be done unfortunately
9. "Militants" is it now?! Dumb, brainless and lobotomized Ynet
10. egyptians don't need to leave
jochair thijssen ,   Kfar Saba Israel   (03.15.19)
since peace negotiartions with hamas are impossible, the Egyptians may prefer to leave No Israeli attack on the Egyptian delegation is likely
11. Is Al Bureij still standing?
Sarah ,   Ashkelon   (03.14.19)
12. m
moishe   (03.14.19)
air sirens will soon go off in Gaza if not by now. Hamas leaders will then come out of deep bunkers to access the damage. meanwhile Gaza economy goes down the drain.
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