1 killed, 2 seriously hurt, in West Bank attack
Ynet, Reuters
Published: 17.03.19, 10:18
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1. BBC news not reporting this. They don't report Israel deaths
Or Pali terror. It does not fit the fake news narrative.palis cannot be associated with terrorism.
2. UK media not reporting on this.
UK Yahud   (03.17.19)
3. Makes one see NZ terroract as a kinda man bites dog story
Alan ,   SA   (03.17.19)
4. Just Shoot These Terrorists
Moshe ,   Givataim   (03.17.19)
5. SOP must be shoot to kill...this is war..stop pandering to
Al   (03.17.19)
these killers...Tohar nesket will be your undoing.
6. Another day of appeasement to the terrorists plo
If the government and military don't do their job there will be more retaliation from Israelis.
I do not support violence against any civilians but others watching their friends and family being ethnically cleansed and murdered will fight back if their leaders dont protect them. We have already see these retaliatory attack grow yearly as the 100s of terror attack continue monthly.
7. Jawed hamad on FB armistice line as per agreement no border
As simple as that. The UN agreement that created the green line specifically states it has no legal basis in international law.

The UN's own document refutes your false claim...


Resolution 242 mentions no Palestinians or Palestine.
Plo charter says they lie up any right they have to the land from a Arab calibrate.
Mandate states no land may be ceded to another power.
Hague convention states land can only be occupied if taken from one high contracting party by another, with a legal claim.
Jordan and Egypt had no legal claim and the Palestinians were not a high contracting party. So the land is not occupied and laws on occupation are irrelevant..
8. Our condolences to the families, but...
David ,   Hartford USA   (03.17.19)
better training is needed. Carrying a weapon comes with the responsibility to ensure it is not taken away from you. Do not mingle in a crowd. Do not be on your cell phone. If you carry a gun, you are the local protector of whoever is around you. If your attention is on your phone or you're chatting with a buddy, you are not paying attention to your surroundings.

Was the soldier wearing body armor? If not, why not?

Let's remember, as despicable as the New Zealand mosques shooting were, 99% of the time the other way around: Muslims killing infidels, in the USA, in France, in England, in Germany, in Brussels, in Australia, and in Israel. It's not hard to understand why someone would finally say 'enough!'

As for the media repeatedly calling the recent rockets from Gaza 'accidental,' please remember that the rocket needs to be assembled, moved to its launching location, positioned/targeted, and launched by someone pressing a button. These four steps were accomplished by accident, seriously?? And two rockets were launched. You want us to believe that this exact same 'accident' happened twice?? Not a chance.

I wonder why Hamas called off the weekly border demonstrations? Does anyone else? Could it be that the purpose of the demonstrations was to hide tunneling activity and that activity is now complete? Might Hamas soldiers be readying for a massive attack from the now-completed tunnels on Pesach, when the country's attention is diverted? Let's hope the IDF is not distracted by the quiet.

Remember that the USA flew sorties over Hiroshima many times, to make the Japanese people and its defenders at ease with seeing American planes in the skies- until the final sortie that dropped the atomic bomb.

Hamas has 'flown sorties' over the border area for many months, (as long as it takes to dig a tunnel?), to get us at ease with the demonstrations. And now they've stopped. Something is about to happen. I hope the IDF is prepared. If a couple thousand pounds of high explosives are placed in several tunnels that end just a couple meters from the fence (and Israel wouldn't have discovered), the fence will be vaporised for maybe 15 - 40 meters when the cache is detonated.

Multiple breaks, each 50 to 100 feet wide, and hundreds of Hamas soldiers, armed to the teeth, flooding through. Is the IDF prepared for this?
9. Rabbi Kahane was right.
Bar Star ,   Jerusalem   (03.17.19)
10. The holy Kuran
to Jawad Hamad: And what is the Kuran based on? if you don't know? It is based on the Torah. Laila
11. Election time.Bibi supposed to show how tough or weak he is.
Sam ,   Montreal   (03.17.19)
His reputation is being afraid of escalation. Israel can't afford that, Leaders have to show that they can do something other than make speeches and threats.
12. Lock the wild animals back on reservation!
13. Iran is behind these terror attacks
C   (03.17.19)
question: how could a terrorist grab a weapon from an israeli.
14. It's not "west bank",it's Israel!
Shiri   (03.17.19)
It's not "west bank" it's Israel!
The name is Yehuda and Shomron,Israel!
When you see the title it's misleading, tell the truth !
15. Jews resort to corrupt analogies tohide noral bankruptsy
khalid ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (03.17.19)
They don't see the difference between occupying soldiers manning a cruel evil occupation and peaceful worshipers praying in a house of God
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