The Qatari cash and Hamas' big mistake
Shimrit Meir
Published: 17.03.19, 23:10
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1. Maybe this is why Israel keeps getting attacked.
DSM ,   USA   (03.18.19)
I certainly hope Israel finds it difficult to give Hamas a lifeline. Sometimes I do not understand my fellow Jews, be it in Israel or the U.S. In Pittsburgh, Pa., where 11 Jews were killed in a synagogue attack, Pittsburgh's Jews are collecting money to send to the recently attacked Muslim community in New Zealand. Why? Good deads, no matter how well intentioned, can not buy the friendship of people that hate you be they Muslim or other extremists.
2. Even though they voted for Hamas - I feel pity for them
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (03.18.19)
These people shouldn't be living like this - it's so sad. And the thing is, it's not even Israel to blame - it's Hamas - they couldn't care less about Gazans - they are simply brainless Morons without a shred of human decency. The Arab world needs to wake up and do something - and if they are going to throw money at the problem, at least throw it in the direction of hungry families who live without dignity - NOT Hamas.
3. Maybe Israel's tactic of waiting Islam out, is finally going
to pay?
Nothing beats change that comes from within.
4. where is the needle
yahya ,   zahreyya   (03.18.19)
it is in the flesh of israel not in the waq waq >yes when there is unjustifull situe the hoorible trouble will be within or near them i think it will be both
5. this is not a mistake, but a custom
C   (03.18.19)
the terror group of hamas is totally indifferent to the well being of the
people of gaza.
indifference to the well being of the population is endemic in the muslim world.
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