Supreme Court disqualifies Ben-Ari, approves Arab candidates
Reuters, Ynet reporters
Published: 17.03.19, 22:54
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1. Using the courts
DSM ,   USA   (03.18.19)
In the U.S. the court system has been used by the left to change laws it doesn't agree with and to make laws the people will not vote for, thereby undermining the will of the people. Israel must try to insure it's courts are not packed with left leaning judges or rulings will be changed by emotions rather than the rule of law or to strengthen a left leaning government.
2. Israel's High Court
tiki ,   belgium   (03.18.19)
Giving a hechsher to Israel's enemies while declaring Nationalistic Israeli's treif.

It was to be expected . Shame on them!
3. Israel Supreme Court is the most misguided judiciary
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (03.17.19)
4. Filthy court of antisemites
Phoenix   (03.18.19)
The court aloud terrorists who do not belong to our people to be in the Jewish Knesset and stops the Jews. That’s an abomination. That filthy court of leftist parasites.
5. To the guillotine with these judges & whole shenanigan!!!!!!
6. Court seems weird
larry ,   LA (formally)   (03.18.19)
To allow those Arabs who hate us seek our demise to run for office and yet to block Ben Ari seems ludicrous and perverted.

I prefer a Jewish state to a liberal Jew hating state....
7. Once again leftist judges are acting AGAINST Israels
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (03.18.19)
interests !!!!! THIS IS A BIG SHAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. HCJ should learn to keep quiet
C   (03.18.19)
the high court should stop interfering in political matters.
9. Either ban them all or ban none
Isaac Storm   (03.18.19)
I have a real hard time with this decision. All the cases, in one way or the other, could be characterized as discrimination and could be considered incitement. Yet, the court bans Ben-Ari. It is real arbitrary, in my opinion. I think the Court should safeguard freedom of speech and freedom of thought. But here, the Court has only safeguarded some speech and some thoughts.
10. Perfect illustration why destructive leftist judges must go!
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.18.19)
This decision perfectly illustrates why the Supreme Court MUST be made totally subservient to the Knesset, and thus to the people. It also illustrates why destructive leftist judges must go! We can't allow them to continue harming our sole tiny Homeland. They allow the Israel haters to run, while stopping the Israel lovers from running in elections. Contemptible beyond words!
11. The question is :
Paul Kouchner ,   Paris   (03.18.19)
With such Left party messing up Israel, what will become of Israel in the near future?
Will Israel be a place for the jews , or will Israel be handed out to the arabs/palestinians?
Once created for the jews after the Holocaust , Were will the jews go to without Israel?
There is no bigger enemy to the jews than the jews themselves.
12. Supreme Court has far too much power
David ,   New york   (03.18.19)
It’s nuts to have unelected activists determine who is able to run for office and how Israel can fight its wars
It is a junta and they need to have their power stripped
13. Shaked just announced reforms more democratic based
Government should elect judges like most democracies.

Deep state is being broken up around the world,

This is another step to get rid of the unelected beurocrats which decide our fate and work against the peoples interests.

Zilber should be one of the first to go.
14. Israel's court is clearly suicidal.
Give War a Chance ,   NY, NY   (03.18.19)
Wow, just got this story. Let me tell you Israelis, from this person's perspective way out in the galut, your court hates your country. Get rid of your court, get rid of your Arabs. Problem largely solved.
15. Look what is happening to Sweden, why do you think it cannot
happen to us?!
Insanity that leads to suicide takes many forms when it comes to large groups (nations) of humans.
Our "progressives" are just one of such manifestations of this pathogen.
16. Kahana Party support Genocide and support Nazi laws
Yossi   (03.18.19)
The kahana party support explosion off all Palestinians, or as Ben Ari said, no explosion, no denied citizenship just a firing squad for all Arabs. In addition the party want to pass a law to prohibit mix marriage for Jews like in Nazi Germany.
The Nuremberg Laws pass in Germany 1935 by the Nazi Government.
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