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Roger Waters urges artists to boycott Eurovision in Israel
Published: 18.03.19, 16:03
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1. A long time critic?
tiki ,   belgium   (03.18.19)
Roger waters isn't a long time critic of Israel but an obsessive Jew hating British asshole.

What has he and all his 'pro palestinian' friends ever done for palestinian Arabs....except fanning the flames of hate against Jews.

2. Call in the pest controllers
Michael Lubetzky ,   Speicher   (03.18.19)
It's high time this pest was eliminated.
3. Roger......Why you don't live in Gaza with them?????
claudio   (03.18.19)
Your fat belly is enough to provide the gazans food for a month, and your dried brain product of drugs could think that you are in the paradise........
4. denying
eddie   (03.18.19)

Until Palestinians can xxenjoyxxxx LIVE IN freedom, justice and equal rights, there should be xxx noxxxx business-as-usual with the state that xxx isxxx they ARE denying xxxxxthem theirxxxxx basic rights," the letter read.
5. Boycott Roger Waters around the world
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (03.18.19)
Old retro has-been. Mentally unstable moron.
They say his condition is from too much acid - but that would be giving acid a bad rap.
6. has mental problem against Jews. Father died in WWII action
jore ,   la   (03.18.19)
I wonder why he doesn't care about Biafrans, Tibet, Am. Indians, and...only Israel the home of the Jews bothers him. Psychotic.
7. nothing new. Roger Waters long past his due date.
8. Bullet to Waters' head. No apologies.
Give War a Chance ,   Able Station, DK   (03.18.19)
9. Hamas has done more disservice to the Palestinian people
Arnie ,   Montreal   (03.18.19)
than has Israel.
10. Roger Waters is being used
Dave ,   Miami   (03.18.19)
He is so narrow-minded that he was easily brainwashed, and cannot see the other side, ith all of the human rights violations.

Let him go live in a Muslim country so he can see how life really is. He's probably too afraid to actually experience this.

To stoop to such a low level, trying to ban entertainment, shows what a putz he really is.
12. Roger Waters can go suck a Fishermans Friend.
13. Risking repeating myself again: I convey my wishes of long
life for this sick individual. Long and in full mental capacity, so this piece of excrement can witness Israel’s good fortune and wellbeing!
I really do hope this British turd gets to be (the proverbial, Jewish) 120!
14. wa wa wogers pissed he wasnt invited.
ofer desade   (03.18.19)
he's old, he's angry and he's hungry for fame. send the man a sandwich, please. i really think it's time the "miusik" of wa wa wogers was boycotted in return for the damage he tries to do israel. after all, we boycotted wagner for so much less... and i'm quite sure that wagner at least had SOME jewish friends.
15. Pensioner
Tzvi Toer ,   Humberside U.K   (03.18.19)
This is shame,,. R Waters is a characteristic sintome from this time ,he was in Mexico and declare in favor of Maduros Venezuela, but here in is on land U.K
Children are without food and education a simple idiotic Infidel ,,put order at home idiots full of hate who repiting the some story of the Nazis .
16. The man lost his mind
Itzik ,   Acco   (03.18.19)
He is infected by an incurable disease called antisemitism.
17. Does Mossad
willing to recruit a 64 Y.O ex military?
18. Look at all the hatred in theae comments, sad....
Look at all the hate from the comments bekiow! We done with be done withTrump shortly, and then reason will prevail, sad that people can't respect his beliefs.
19. Wow, can't believe the bullying that is goimg on beliow
You will continue to a alienate yourself from the rest of the world and your young people if you continue this hate filled slander. Roger Waters has always stood for equal rights for all, sad that so many people act like trump and think bullying and slander is the way to win hearts and minds....
20. Can it possibly be that he is being PAID for this rubbish ?
barbara ,   Haifa   (03.18.19)
21. Deal with Waters, and like scum, as criminals they are
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.18.19)
Waters is a filthy racist Jew hater, like the Nazi thugs who blocked people from shopping at Jewish stores, in the 1930s. BDS is blatantly criminal and regularly threatens innocent people with murder. Paul McCartney, and many other artists, admitted they received death threats from BDSers. Waters, and like scum, must be dealt with as the criminals they are.
EZEKIAL HAIM ,   244 TUFNELL PARK RD   (03.18.19)
He does not seem to realize that boycotting Israel is a dying cause and the more he blows hot air from both ends about boycotting Israel the more ex-boycotting countries are realizing it is in their interest to form expanding ties with Israel.Just look art recent sport events in the Arab World and New Diplomatic relations with the Muslim World.Waters does not seem to have the intelligence to realize that spouting hatred about Israel is not working and that he should try something different to help the Palestinians.
23. Waters is a British NAZI BASTARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (03.18.19)
GO TO HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
24. The comments below are a good example of Israel’s problem.
Ken   (03.18.19)
25. Roger Scumbag!
Steven Allsopp   (03.18.19)
Yet another anti-semitic sack of filth who is ignorant of history like Jeremy Corbyn. Someone should get rid of him.
26. This Bird's for you
Abcedarian ,   Bellevue   (03.18.19)
27. Pastor
Arnold ,   Mission   (03.19.19)
Roger needs to ask the Israelis how many missiles have been fired into Israel in the 5 years - he's on the wrong side of history.
28. just saw his "site" - a video of him performing.
ofer   (03.19.19)
the whole things a scam to keep him on the air. strongly suggest either:
1. we broadcast his web concerts in the squares of tel aviv, jersualem and west bank townships to show that he's performing here, or
2. get miri smart-as-my-gerev to boycott him over israeli airwaves a-la-wagner.
29. Rogers Baloon with a Jewish Star & Pig the problem as R YOU
U&WaterBlatantRacist ,   Jerusalem Israel   (03.19.19)
at his infamous concert where he floated a balloon in the shape of
a pig and the symbol of the Jewish People he dirtied himself forever
from humanity as do you with your support of this obvious racist !!
30. I urge Roger Waters to boycott breathing
K ,   US   (03.19.19)
And it will be a great day when he does do this!
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