Palestinian agency urges donors to step up after US cuts
Associated Press
Published: 19.03.19, 10:18
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1. A never ending story
tiki ,   belgium   (03.19.19)
Now let's see how many more years the European friends of the palestinians will continue to give.

Friendship usually ends when money is involved.
2. Stop all MAD Israeli support for mortal "Palestinian" foes
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.19.19)
It is mad for anyone to support "Palestinians" poseurs. But it is especially insane for Israel to do so. After all, we are the ones "Palestinians" hope to mass murder and steal our sole tiny Homeland. We are the constant victims of their terror, murder, demonization, boycotts etc. Stop all MAD Israeli support for our mortal "Palestinian" foes! No other nation, in human history, has been dumb enough to voluntarily support its enemies.
3. Pals lose money as they don't want to TALK or make peace.
Sam ,   Montreal   (03.19.19)
The only thing Pals accept is that the Jewish state should disappear. Rather than the donor states telling Palestinians to talk peace they cough up the money. It tells the Palestinians that they can terrorize and still get money. Why don't the donor countries at least make the money conditional on a truce? It would take Palestinians away from the mindset that they don't have a minute to lose engaging in violent attacks..
4. Swiss banks delighted
ab   (03.19.19)
5. All that should be donated to them is Anthrax & pesticides!!
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