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Gandhi’s grandson has a message for Israel
Yulia Karra
Published: 19.03.19, 23:32
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1. Gandhi and Jews
Viktor Kanevsky ,   nyc   (03.20.19)
It is really funny. Do you know that Mohandas Gandhi wrought several letters to Hitler calling him my friend, and asking him not to start the war. He gave advice to German Jews to commit mass suicide, and it will change an attitude of German people. and the rest of the world. Non-violence worked only with liberal democratic power, but he believed that it was universal teaching and tried to convince everybody not to fight Hitler. And now his grandson has similar advice for Israeli.
2. must free themselves from the chains of the Holocaust
One who knows   (03.20.19)
Who are you kidding?
How do you think my ex mother in law amassed over 1 million Euros? from her job in a department store? Cheques were coming in every month, winter or summer. She only missed two years high school in Germany. How much the ones who lost family get?
3. Ghandi coexistence ideas don't work in India with Muslims
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (03.20.19)
Why does he think it will work with worse Muslims in Israel/Middle East?

It will be interesting to find out If any Muslims will attend his lecture in Tell Aviv and agree with him to the smallest degree to stop talking about the fake Nakba and fake Philistines.
4. He is out to lunch
Arnie ,   Montreal   (03.20.19)
As far as I am concerned is that we Jews are passed the Holocaust but that does not mean we have to forget about it. Seems the non-Jews feel we Jews are only focused on it.
As far as making peace with the Palestinians that is something that honestly Palestinian leadership is afraid to push on the people. Example both Arafat and Abbas walked away from the deals on the table.
5. Mr
Seven Seven ,   Seal Beach   (03.20.19)
This pagan has audacity to say such ignorance.
6. Thanks, Gandhi, but no thanks...
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.20.19)
Nothing on earth would be worse for Israel than a "peace treaty with Palestinians". It would turn Israel into a defenseless 9 mile wide concentration camp. "Palestinians" are mortal foes and want us all dead. It is way past time for Israel to deal with them based on reality.
7. Gandhi himself...
Adele Franklin ,   Haifa   (03.20.19)
...was all to critical of Israel. Like grandfather, like grandson. No news here.
8. Israel IS seeking peace from the arabs!
solomon ,   New York   (03.20.19)
It's the other way around! The arabs should start seeking peace from Israel, not wholesale surrender!
9. Why India is not doing so with Pakistan ?
Moshé ,   Ashdod   (03.20.19)
Maybe you wish that Israel goes to non-violence against this nazis, like in the 30th. ?
10. Zzz
Hot Stuff ,   Hinkel Schnapps, DN   (03.20.19)
11. There is n peace in Gandhi’s jr. jr. words of blindness
DOV ,   USA   (03.20.19)
12. Good for you, Dr Gandhi
Aaron ,   Bel Air   (03.20.19)
With all due respect, I hope Dr Gandhi gives the same speech to the Palistinians. Tell them to stop looking in the rear view mirror. It must be nice to be able reflect on his memories of his grandfather. My grandparents were murdered in the Holocaust so I don't have any memories to share about them.
13. Another ignoramus.Israel should seek peace.
Sam ,   Montreal   (03.20.19)
What peace should Israel seek when Palestinians reject any Jewish state. Talking to them doesn't change their minds. Negotiating with them doesn't change their minds. Their version of international law is that a Jewish majority Israel should disappear. They repeat it every time there is talks about talks. Maybe some day they will change their minds but it's not now or they would say so.
14. Rather let's talk about Ghandi's sexual abuse history
Joseph ,   USA   (03.20.19)
When he used to sleep naked with several women that saw him as a deity. He wouldn't have sex but there was a lot of frothing and climax. What a disgusting skin head.
15. Another clueless leftist
Matthew ,   San Diego   (03.20.19)
Seriously, he has nothing interesting to say, just tired leftist cliches.
16. My message to Dr.Gandhi
MR CYNIC ,   SAFED HONESTY   (03.20.19)
Sir, you are ,of course, a most welcome visitor to Israel ,but please do not lecture us and preach ,or demand, that we simply dismiss the Holocause ,which is still a raw wound for many. The Shoah ( hebrew for the H word ) did not occur thousands of years ago ,nor hundreds of uears ago ,and it is still fresh in the memories of many ,regrettably. You are correct of course that israelis, and jews generally ," talk too much about the Holocaust." you are not wrong, but it is not your place to thell them that ! and it is not your place to arrogantly lecture israelis about the need for peace, their arab neighbours do not want to live in peace with israelis, rather they wish for their demise. Please read this ,and ponder it .
And if you make it out alive you can tell us all how it went down .
18. Everyone preaches to the Jews what to do.
n   (03.20.19)
India occupies most of the Kashmir, that should be independent, and went to 2 wars for the occupation. They even developed nuclear weapon to keep the hold on Kashmir. In this case, if someone should free himself from something, it is Indians that should free themselves from their outdated anti-imperialism sentiments and fake "non-alignment".
19. Dr Gandhi
Dr Gandhi makes some valid observations ,or valid points. Israelis / jews do obsess about the Holocaust and talk about it too much ,to some extent that is understandable. What the good Doctor fails to appreciate is that it is not enough that Israel desires peace, its arab neighbours also need to desire peace ,but they still hate Israel .This is a generalisation but is also , in the main, true. Peace is akin to the Tango, one can not dance it alone. And israelis have always yearned for peace, no israeli parent enjoys sending their child off to the army to face the possibility of being killed.
20. M.Ghandi on Jewsin Hitler's Europe" Jews should commit suici
ab   (03.20.19)
-de ,so Hitler's heart would melt".
Asked why he wasn't recommending the same for Hindus "inhumanly oppressed by British he answered " It wouldn't be practical"
Needless to say he was ardently against of creation of Israel.
21. MR
Eliyahu Kitov ,   safed   (03.20.19)
Tell him,...'people who forget history, repeat its mistake's."...
22. No disrespect, but certainly no respect either:you're a fool
23. My message to him: “put your message in a bottle”!
24. His grandpa once wrote a nice letter to Adolf Hitler...he
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (03.20.19)
is NOT better !!!!!!!!!
25. This old sucker babbles about the "Old Testament", SHUT UP !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (03.20.19)
26. His grandpa had NO understanding of the Holocaust...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (03.20.19)
so much about the "saint" Ghandi !!!!!
27. ghandi
victor leon ,   kaapstad   (03.20.19)
So the jews have to take distance of the holocaust?

No problem... give my murdered people back , than we can talk

What's your problem ?

Tell your people to try to make peace with the muslims first, then we can talk.
28. Easy to
Ilana   (03.20.19)
say to someone like me, an holocaust survivor!!! No, Sir, I will never forget and never forgive.
29. One problem.
Steven Allsopp   (03.20.19)
Peace is not possible when the other side (the Arabs) want to commit another holocaust on you and won't accept you living anywhere near them. So keep your advice.
30. His grandpa was an anti-Semite so is the grandson!!
Dr. Jack ,   Vancouver   (03.20.19)
His grandfather was an hypocritical anti-Semite who wanted the Jews to submit to the Germans!

His grandson is the same.

Let him preach to the ISIS and the Iranians. He belongs with them!!
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