Opinion  Smadar Perry
Israel's Gaza conundrum
Smadar Perry
Published: 19.03.19, 19:25
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1. Sick sick thinking. Israel needs victory mentality again!
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.19.19)
Remember the days when Israel fought to win and WON! We need to get back to those days. Perry's article is loaded with sick appeasement thinking. Unfortunately, it reflects the thinking of the IDF's leftist leadership today. We need to drastically change the leadership in the IDF, and throughout Israel. Replace all the destructive leftist leaders with courageous patriots. Israel needs to return to our natural victory mentality. Bennett has vowed to bring it back again!
2. they are loved in EU free house electric food tansport
jore ,   la   (03.19.19)
3. THAT’s not the pretense! Pretending that there’s a dialogue
to be had with Islam is the Big Lie.
It’s a lie that both Israelis and Westerners alike, love to tell themselves before going to bed....
Won’t happen , people!
4. Israel needs to deal death blows to Hamas
Mark Sherry ,   Lewiston, Idaho   (03.19.19)
Or at least pound them into submission.
5. Silly analysis. Israel isn't responding bc Hamas is finished
Jake   (03.19.19)
The protests against Hamas are intensifying. It is wise to refrain from going to war with Gaza at a time like this. Let the oppressed people of Gaza rise up and give Hamas the Ghadaffi treatment - and stay out of the way.
6. Smadar on her knees again,trying to pull Israel down wih her
ab   (03.19.19)
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