Denied phones by Israel, Hamas prisoners set fire to cells
Meir Turgeman
Published: 20.03.19, 17:16
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1. my Heart bleeds (not)
David ,   New york   (03.20.19)
so Let me get this straight:
Terrorists are burning things to protest not being able to use illegal phones while in prison(?!?!)
What the bleep king of prisons do they run in Israel?
Ain’t nothing like that going on in supermax federal prisons in the US
They dump you in solitary and throw away the key

Is this designed on purpose to be soft, or is it just corruption?
Does anybody know why this is such a joke??
2. Hope they didn't put the fires out
Grace ,   Israel   (03.21.19)
Let them burn - it's self-inflicted. AND, up the security for phone smugglers.
3. What a waste of time. If they're HAMAS, shoot them.
Would Have Been ,   Bethlehem Steel   (03.21.19)
Stop charging tax payers for this bull$hit. Good G-d I did the right thing by canceling my Aliya. What a mess.
4. smuggled phones? what abt smuggled matches or lighters?
Rob   (03.21.19)
smuggled phones? what abt smuggled matches or lighters? or does Israel just give them as generosity?
5. Why does the picture look like guys in a dorm room?
David ,   Hartford USA   (03.22.19)
Why are PRISONERS kept several to a room? Is this a college dorm? Two to a CELL with random searches once a week. No communal baking, no in-room hot plates, no microwaves, no TV, no internet, no computers.

What's wrong with the prison system? If you can't stop the contraband phones, then do block the signals. As for the prisoners who set fire to their rooms, let them live in it for a while. And certainly deduct the cost of repairs from PA tax holdings.

And everyone participating in the vandalism should have a year added to their sentence. If these prisoners can't behave in jail, what makes you think they'll behave when they get out?

Two to a cell, a very bare cell. It's PRISON.
OLEG ,   florida   (03.22.19)
7. Death penalty!!!!!
Phoenix   (03.24.19)
We do not need a collection of filthy terrorists living on our taxes. They all deserve the death penalty! Enough of keeping those animals getting fat in our jails. Our jails are too much for those pigs sons of pigs
8. Conclusion: ban cigarettes and lighters too
Monty ,   Norway   (03.24.19)
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