Why I am not voting when Israel goes to the polls
Yair Katan
Published: 20.03.19, 23:30
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1. When you don’t vote you empower the dilettantes you fear
Sam ,   New York, USA   (03.21.19)
Make a protest vote for party that won’t win. Or preferably find a small party whose opinions you support. Use the voice you have while you still have it!
DSM ,   USA   (03.21.19)
3. So don't vote..give more power to the arabs..
Al   (03.21.19)
You are a moron
4. If you're tired of the same-old same-old, vote Zehut.
Jake   (03.21.19)
5. I agree - Just looking forward to a day off work
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (03.21.19)
I also believe that none of the current rat-pack are fit and honest enough to run this country, and we DO deserve better. We have ex-cons and fanatics and greedy self-entitled imbeciles - that's what we have. I also would NEVER EVER vote for the parties who think it's OK to keep on sending phone messages every. single. Disgusting! So basically, that leaves nobody - and you, and I, and my fellow countrymen do deserve so much better!!!!
6. I thought opinions like that didn’t exist anymore in an
educated society!?
Exceptional “low”, even for Ynet!
7. Mr. Katan, as you will undoubtedly vote Left...
Ojalá K ,   Lexi's Suds Palace   (03.21.19)
I am very pleased that you will not be voting. It's not that we disagree with your sentiment, it's just that if we allow the corrupt Leftists to gain power, we Jews will die in the streets of Israel at the hand of Ishmael. However, if we elect the corrupt Right into power, while they may gift themselves caviar and Champagne, they will do a much better job of keeping terrorist maniacs out of the streets on Israel. Such is the calculus of life in the Jewish state.
8. To Yair Katan : Thank you .
Well said and you make a lot of sense.
10. Stop being a navel-gazing child and VOTE!
Vered, Israel   (03.21.19)
There's only one question you need to ask: do you want Bibi? In order to unseat him, we need every vote
11. Is this idiot-author for real, because if there are many
like him I certainly don't want to hear their "opinions"!
12. Is Ynet now paying 8-years old, to write "stuff" for them?!
13. Why Not Voting Is Idiocy
ROBBIE MICHAELSON ,   Ramat ha Sharon   (03.21.19)
When reading this article - that somehow made it into YNET - the term "stupid Jew" came to mind. Obviously the writer lives in a fantasy world. Maybe he should not have gone to school because the teachers weren't perfect either. Not all of the candidates are losers and not all of the party platforms are undeserving of support. This election, more than any other, can have a profound effect on the country we supposedly love & our very futures. Not to vote is worse than a sin. What an idiot!
14. so, who cares
C   (03.21.19)
if you do not want to vote, stay home and eat dirt.
15. you should vote
marv   (03.21.19)
politics is of course overwhelming at times. but citizeship requres you to make a choice.

there is bibi fatigue for sure;aslo the investigations of the AG don't help bibi at all. however, he did some good things for the economy, and he got usa toblock the iran deal that kerry stupidly crafted.

i believe bennett and some ohters like barkat are more able than bibi. but i ould vote for the flank including bennett because bibi will be forced to leave at some point. he should leave before too long.

i just cannot vote for gantz, yaalon and lapid. i cannot do it. lapid is olmert recycled. yaalon talks a big game, says the right things but look what he did not do in the gaza war. plus he worries about the idf being too aggressive. gantz, likely a very n ice fellow,, inspires no confidence as far as i can tell.

i cannot see him unleashing a lightening invasion of anyplace, any time. it would be more like winning on points as we saw with dan halutz.

israel needs a genral who can draw up plans, and go for the throat. since sharon' s passing, i fail to see one
16. By not voting you risk losing more than you thought!
doda ,   tel aviv   (03.21.19)
It's a right ~and a duty~ to say who, what and how you want your country to be.
Even if there is not a good choice, there is always the better choice.
17. Then can I presume
Michael Altman ,   Netanya   (03.21.19)
Then can I presume that you are not married, have no children and grand children work for and by yourself and are not able to realistically find a way to make all our lives better. There must be a lot of people like you but at least you are honest and for that I realise you must have suffered enough already. Maybe we will get divine intervention :) this time around. All I can say is this will be an interesting year.
18. Little Yair Katan
Little Yair Katan doesn't like any politicians, not Benny Schvantz, not Bibi Cigars, nobody, they are all a bunch of crooked degenerates.

True enough, he's sick enough of it to 'not vote', like a big shot.

But I bet he pays 120% more for some crappy car, 18% VAT on the Chinese and other crap products, altogether about 60% taxes on his salary, including bituach screwme, etc. All whilst paying up to 4 times more for food on approx. 1/4th the pay of some other Western countries. Let's not forget financing mafioso municipality crime families.

Finally, a word for our supremely well-paid degenerate high court jesters whose jokes are never funny, generally incompetent political whores wearing fancy green pajamas while scratching their second-hand US military surplus skivvy clad privates, and deciding which stocks to short before the public knows what brilliant half-assery is about to more or less fail embarassingly (for us).

A word to the wise:

"Where there are no men, be a Man".
19. too easy
Ulla ,   Germany   (03.21.19)
I know the feeling, have been there too, and decided not to vote, because honestly no-one seemed to represent my positions.

But - because many of us did so in Germany, we ended up with the rise of the neonazi AfD.
So please reconsider.
20. breitband bannon all over us......
tomer ,   jerusalem   (03.21.19)
yairs opinion is well taken,but scrachtes only the surface of our current
"post-truth"political climate and not only ours .
We live in the "breitband bannon " enviroment. The one who made "trump",created (with banks and others money)the fatal "brexit vote, supports
right wing extremists,wants to destroy EU and mingles in our elections is the real scourge of our times . Bibi is only a willing "pupil" of those characters in line with Nigel farange,boris johnson and rees mogg.,german afd ,italian rightwingers,orban of hungary etc.etc.
These characters try hard to "reset" our current world order and need to be stopped. They operate with lies and FEARS . Its time to show them that this
will not work . Thats why we have to vote them out of power,,even if some may think the alternatives are not better. But we have to try ...even yair.
21. Don't look for me in the ballot box, I'm not voting.
tiki ,   belgium   (03.21.19)
First of all....nobody cares!

But secondly......people, white, black, man & woman all over the world have been fighting fiercely for their right to vote and still aren't allowed to do so in many places.

Throwing away this right is not a vote for wisdom but of stupidity, especially when those who don't vote, are the biggest whiners & complainers afterwards.

No country is perfect and looking for the ideal leader, system or party is impossible.

Israel is a free & vibrant democracy where, despite all the bickering, every person can & should make his voice heard.

If not.....you throw away your right to complain.

22. If you want to see Israel survive and thrive...
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.21.19)
If you love Israel and want Israel to survive and thrive, the rational choice is to vote for the Israeli rightist party of your choice. The left poses an ENORMOUS danger to Israel's very survival. The last time the left ruled Israel, we got Oslo; almost 20,000 Israelis maimed and murdered. Had chief terrorist Arafat accepted Oslo, and had the abomination been implemented, Israel would not exist today. Vote patriotic right!
23. a woman
ora cooper ,   nir oz   (03.23.19)
Yair, by "not voting " you are still "voting" you simply let another person like Yair Netanyahoo vote for you too. You, abstaining, will not prevent the crooks from (unfortunately) winning ,but it will paint the winners as the "choice " of the Israelis... sort of when the "revolution" started you said ":I 'm going to sleep now wake me when you finish the destruction, " and then you call everyone and say :"
I told you they are all worthless"
24. Mr
Michael ,   Kochav Yair   (03.22.19)
I have a solution for him - Vote for Feiglin /Zehut- he at least is honest !
25. Why I am not voting either
ex Oleh Chadash   (03.23.19)
because I live far away from the Israeli embassy.

I will not pay a ticket, travel miles away from home, just to help someone get a god job. All governments don't care about Israelis living abroad.
26. Democracy
smarcus   (03.25.19)
You have the right not to vote, but you really don't value democracy when you don't. You can make all of the excuses that you want, but that's the truth. And in reality, you're just as bad as the people running.
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