Netanyahu facing new police probe into massive payout for shares in sinking steel company
Published: 21.03.19, 14:31
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1. Netanyahu is s smart businessman. Where is the corruption?
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (03.21.19)
2. In US it often happens that shareholders receive inflated
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (03.21.19)
price for agreeing to sell their stake in merger circumstances.
3. anyone surprised ????
tomer ,   jerusalem   (03.21.19)
i thought the "submarine affair" was closed due to lack of evidence???
I thought "there is nothing ,because there was nothing"
i thought lying to the public is an offence?
I thought FEAR spreading belongs to "BREITBAND" activities?
I thought "there are no extreme right wing "parties in israel?
I thought .....israel is a "light" to all people or at least should try to be
I thought and thought ... and know i know . The "augias stables" have to be cleaned and sprayed with the "facismn" fragance of Lady MCshaked.
4. and i thought...
tomer ,   jerusalem   (03.21.19)
i thought we have "visionary" politicians who take care to solve our most pressing issues.
i thought we have a worldclass educational system
i thought we have a classy public health service
i thought we do not have corrupt leaders,mayors,rabbis,buisnessmen....
i thought we take care of people in distress irrespective of skin colour,beliefs,gender....
i thought we have values,ethics and morals in politics and buisness
i thought we care for the last living holocaust survivors
i thought we care for the elderly,young and helpless
i thought we show compassion for strangers and neighbours
i thought extremismn in all its facettes (religious,left and right)does have
no fertile ground in Israel.
i thought and thought ...and the list gets longer by the day.

Yes we have start-ups,are an technological powerhouse and in certain areas
our scientist are exceptional. But does our cognitive development keeps up
with the tech development?
5. why did you think any of that?
where have you been living in the past few decades?
6. My retirement fund
Me   (03.21.19)
made an average 16% return over the last decade. Other shares made 200 to 400% and took a hit in October 2018. You gain some some -you loose some. I haven't seen Police knocking on my door. Why singling out the Prime Minister?
7. Israelis MUST demand end to politically motivated witch hunt
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.21.19)
The game of the leftist deep state judiciary is obvious. They are throwing endless piles of s*it at Bibi and hoping enough will stick to make him lose the election. Israelis MUST demand the end to politically motivated witch hunts. We also need to seriously purge the destructive leftist deep state in Israel.
8. Once a schnorrer always a a schnorrer
Al   (03.21.19)
Damn its getting awfully hard to support this piece of work.
10. Something’s got to give: either this is the biggest witch-
hunt in history or our boy is up to his ears in naughty behavior...
What’s a poor likudnik to do ???!!
11. why the surprise - its the desperate left establishment
judah ,   jerusalem   (03.21.19)
nauseating rubbish from the media and the establishment leaks machine, and it will fail B&W will still lose
12. Blessed with an excellent PM, our media hyenas are on
constant prowl, sniffing out any possible scent, that might lead their leftist masters back into power.
They realize it's NEVER going to happen in "natural" way, thus they take a shortcut: deception & lies on a big scale.
I guess if you want to rob a bank, do it boldly, big time!
13. Honi soit qui mal y pense
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (03.22.19)
14. You shall not steal.
j   (03.24.19)
says the eighth commandment.
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