Opinion  Alex Fishman
Bracing for Gaza’s ‘million man march’
Alex Fishman
Published: 21.03.19, 23:35
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1. "Palestinians" will use any excuse to promote terrorism
Mark Sherry ,   USA   (03.22.19)
Pretty soon, they literally won't have a leg to stand on.
2. All the while the 3 former general and their house clown
Al   (03.22.19)
Are telling the Israeli people that peace is just around the corner.

All they have to agree to is to dissect Israel to a slither.

All in the name of peace.

You can't make this up.
3. Hamas is entirely to blame for Gaza's condition.
David ,   Hartford USA   (03.22.19)
Why does Israel need to do anything first? Hamas simply needs to announce to the world they recognize Israel and will be a peaceful neighbor. Period. That's all there is to it for everything good to happen to Gaza.

But Hamas won't, or can't or whatever. Nobody really cares anymore.

Hamas says it raised only 30% of its budget. Duh! Why is Gaza, a couple cities and a bunch of villages, supporting a huge military complex? Thousands of 'soldiers', new weapons, uniforms, night-vision headsets, heavy military equipment, tunnel machinery and cement, etc. Why doesn't the useless UN tell Hamas to stop making believe they are a country that needs an army. Hamas wastes millions of dollars pretending it needs an army and graft probably steals millions more.

It's about time the people of Gaza kicked Hamas into the ocean and took back their lives.

Once Hamas is gone and rational leaders take over, Gaza can be remade in just a couple years. Maybe this million man march will turn on Hamas and bring new leadership and peace to Gaza. Now that would get somebody a Nobel Prize. 50,000 Gazans will have the ability to rid themselves of Hamas- and the world will be watching.

Maybe the people of Gaza will take on Hamas and ask Israel to help rid themselves of the scourge. Now that would be what a good neighbor does.
4. Has anybody thought of a very wide minefield?
Jackieboy   (03.22.19)
5. A million man "Palestinian" march is one, fat, juicy, target
LOL ,   Choince Von Pons   (03.22.19)
6. Pals want nice living standard,to attack Jews+no casualties
Sam ,   Montreal   (03.22.19)
You can't please the Palestinians because at the same time they want to kill Jews and destroy Israel they also want Israel to give them a nice standard of living and no Palestinian casualties. Eventually, if Palestinians don't calm down there will be another confrontation and a truce. That's how things work here.
7. why stroke hamassole's heads
DAV ZEE ,   brookhaven   (03.22.19)
shouldn't a gun to the head be more enlightening to
the "Moslemists' brothers-in-the-hood"

WITH ONLY ONE WAY OUT....That is to demand and die for the demand, the birthright legal demand to return home to jordan! att: king coward, letyourpeople go...hometo Jordan...who let the PLO/PAL out? same ones who won't let them back in into JORDAN!
8. Bad Idea
Lee ,   LA   (03.22.19)
The population of Gaza wants Springtime. Why take the pressure off hamas? Land Day. If the population in Israel wants civil war then there is little Israel can do to prevent it. The Arabs want Jewish blood. Then the object of the game is to make sure they don't get any of it-by any means necessary. The war of 1948 goes on.
9. In short: "Be afraid, very afraid, vote Benny & Jets!" :-)
10. Left's wet dream: Arabs "revolting"! So pathetic,predictable
and pathological.
11. The lion is not so fierce as they paint him — George Herbe
Sarah ,   Ashkelon - Israel   (03.22.19)
come on you and all israelis know it will be 500.000 woman 450,000 children 50,000 doped up hash head so called men hiding behind the children
13. Israel should warn Gazans to stay away from the border
C   (03.22.19)
the people of gaza need to realize that it is useless to endanger their
lives for the glory of hamas, their enslavers.

the people of gaza could have good lives if they ignored instructions
from hamas and islamic jihad to sacrifice their lives in a useless
fight against israel.
14. gantz vs bibi
barry   (03.22.19)
my preference is for bennett, for a more decisive leader who will unleash the idf fully.

however between gantz and bibi, there is no real contest. bibi is far away more of a leader than gantz has shown. for example,

bibi challenged obama that the nuclear deal with Iran was a sham. whereas gantz along with others wanted to suck up to obama. the deal is and was a bad one period-an appeasement offer.you cannot bribe a bad guy to make peace.

bibi handles the economy quite well.

against this you have gantz having done a bad job in the gaza war. we all saw it, shapira noted it and condemned him for it. gantz seemed not to know what to do.the media ignores this because they want to remove bibi. they should have at least some decency.

likewise he followed orders not to rescue an idf soldier in judea.that soldier ended up dead needlessly.

gantz last economic venture failed. so what is there to talk about.

it is the press which is pushing to get rid of bibi from politics. he may go but so far he far exceeds gantz.

not that Israel needed usa to recognize golan, but bibi got them nonetheless. you think gantz would have asked for such recognition?? forget about it.

gantz is apparently a n ice man. good. a leader he is not.I have no confidence in him. jews cannot simply hope and pray for peace. they ahve to learn from a terrible history. their guns must be loaded and ready.simply to offer more concessions as a good way after the evidence is clear are the actions of a fool. gantz is a fool!

as for yaalon, he is all talk.

and ashkenazi who did some good things after that louse olmert, he was willing to offer up the golan.What kind of logic operates in ashkenazi's mind.

finally you have lapid. watch charlie rose's interview of him to get a sense of
this arrogant no nothing.

so if you want to perserve yourselves, , you should vote for bibi or bennett. otherwise gantz will bring you hamastan in Judea after the next withdrawal.
15. They ruined Gaza. Same will be done to Israel and its people
Bat Sheva Sida ,   Kiryat Shmona   (03.24.19)
When they ruined Gaza and seeing how they treat their own people, what makes anyone think they will not do the same to Israel and Israelis? Murderers do not become saints.
16. Screw Gaza& forget it. Nobody cares about this (judged even
by Islamic standards) nasty offspring of the human race!
Seriously people: there're so many deserving & suffering masses of real humans all over this wretched planet: why the hell is everyone obsessing about these zombies?!
17. Israel should have million person march to retake Gush Katif
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.26.19)
Israel should have a million person march to retake Gush Katif and all the rest of our lands we foolishly abandoned in Gaza. Abandoning Gaza is the root cause of all Israel's endless wars, terror, rockets and torments from Gaza. Why must we always allow our mortal "Palestinian" foes to take the offensive, while we play defense? You can't win playing defense.
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