Trump: Time for US to recognize Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights
Ynet, News Agencies
Published: 21.03.19, 19:09
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1. Shelia Ramon
DSM ,   USA   (03.21.19)
I would hope you are correct, but don't be surprised if an Israeli politician bargains one or all away in a peace objective or plan that will never work. How did giving back Gaza work out for Israel ?
2. Wonderful
Luis ,   Bucharest   (03.21.19)
Netanyahu & Likud fully deserve to rule Israel in years to come! Make Israel the greatest nation
3. wow! governance by tweet!
In other news the rest of the world carries on without paying attention to the buffoon in Washington!
4. and what of the west bank?
5. m
moishe   (03.21.19)
please keep in mind. 'the lord giveth and the lord taketh'.
has not been put into law in Congress. next President may rescind recognition. the Arabs do not recognize new status. and on and on.
Trump likes to make big shows that impress with very little substance.
bottom line; Bibi is a coat tail hanger. possession and might are 10/10 of the law. boundaries change as powers change. even the earth underneath can shift. and people get mad and contest changes.
6. Now everyone knows the Golan is Israeli
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (03.22.19)
international law recognizes the Golan as Israeli
Thanks Trump
7. Political move to help BiBi win the election.
DOV ,   USA   (03.21.19)
I'm sure the 800 IDF combatants who lost there lives winning the war are turning in there graves.
Golan has been part of Israel since we won the war. No nation can force us to give it up.
8. With but a wave of the King's hand the matter is settled
Cameron   (03.22.19)
Next up?
9. Israel won the Golan by winning a war.
David ,   Hartford USA   (03.22.19)
But Russia just walked into Ukraine and took it over. Russia just walked into Crimea and took it over. The USA just walked across north America and took it over, pushing out all native Americans.

Syria has no claim to the Golan. Russia has no moral high ground to stand on when saying it supports Syria's claim.

Assad killed half a million of his own people 'saving' the country. Does he really want to go up against Israel?

This is all just talk for the Arab street. Nobody else cares.

Just do it, President Trump. It's way past its due.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (03.22.19)
Golan is a great reminder to Assad that if he attacks again, he will loose more again. He’s got some new confidence in winning since Valdi and the mullhas are helping him. Israel is not ISIS. It took 8 years for a dozen countries to contain ISIS. Israel will win again even if Assad tries to get Goln back.
11. Trump recognizes Golan, American Jews rush to vote Dem.
Your Truth ,   NY, NY   (03.22.19)
12. quid pro quo
New Yorker ,   New York, USA   (03.22.19)
what do you think Bibi promised the buffoon in chief in order to convince him to make this totally unnecessary, irrelevant pronouncement? No doubt "a deal" was struck and when the moron's reelection day roles around you can be sure Bibi will be pulling his magic strings
13. a step in the right direction, recognizing reality
Rafi ,   US   (03.22.19)
Golan is as much part of Israel as it is "Syria".

Meanwhile what is "Syria" anyway? is there such a thing nowadays?

Today what passes for Syria is actually the Assad family mafia - backed by Iran & Russia - controlling limited sections of the western Fertile Crescent... The rest is fiction.
15. Words and deeds
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (03.21.19)
Please Mister US President. Not only words. Also followed by deeds NOW. No words, but deeds is an expression and a song of Feyenoord-Rotterdam, with which I agree.
16. If carried out, this would be a right step in the right
direction: acknowledging Israel as a righteous country, while slowly chipping away at phony "Palestine"-concept.
Of course the President could take a shortcut and boldly declare Islam being at war with the world (for lack of better definition) and start acting accordingly.
17. Face the truth: it's an all out war between the lobotomized
Democratic party & Republicans (or rather, Mr. D.Trump)
Every trick in the book is being taken use of.
This particular one is a "blessing for the Jews", as we like to stipulate.
Nothing wrong with having some good fortune from time to time.
We've bloody earned it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
18. Stating that Earth is a sphere, is now considered almost
How low have we sunk....
19. A favor for fools?
Mr.Reason ,   Berlin   (03.22.19)
It looks good for Israel, isn't it? Without further consultation with friend and foe Trump is moving embassies towards Jerusalem, now the Golan Hights. How nice would it be if one could make such important steps just by declaration. I would add to it the voluntary expartriation of Gaza's population to Europe, or else, supported by UN funds. After all, an independent Palistine is as impossible along Israel as the return of Golan Hights.

The question is, what will follow Donald Trump's activism, once the next "Obama like Friend of Israel" will be elected to the office?

Or is it yet again an offer one can not reject? Interestingly, in the same token when he gifts israel the recognition of a contested piece of land of a third country, USA is demanding from Israel to limit it's cooperation with China!
Thank you America, for wanting to prolong it's failing hegemony at the cost of it's partners.

I hope Israel knows what is in it's strategic interests.
20. In this case, no words, but deeds, gradually.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (03.22.19)
21. Golan is and will always be Israeli soveregin territory
C   (03.22.19)
president, trump, thank you so much for recognizing israeli sovereignty
over the golan heights.

israel's enemies had used the golan heights to bombard her civilian
population for twenty years.
syria attempted to invade israel through the golan heights.

the golan heights was illegally given to syria by european
imperial powers.
this act of treachery cannot be legitimized by the world community.

today, the golan heights is the territory that protects israel from
iran and its terror proxies.
iran has continually threatened israel with destruction. iran has
used its terror proxies hezbollah, hamas and islamic jihad to
wage illegal aggressive wars against israel.
the sovereign jewish state of israel will continue to defend herself
against all attempts to destroy her and annihilate her civilian
population. never again will there be a jewish holocaust.
22. Israeli sovereignty
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (03.24.19)
What"s hindering him? Perhaps an unwilling US Congress, since 1948 or 1967? Okay a US president is not a dictator, who can decides what he wants, without others.
23. Israeli sovereignty
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (03.24.19)
What"s hindering him? Perhaps an unwilling US Congress, since 1948 or 1967? Okay a US president is not a dictator, who can decides what he wants, without others.
24. You voted her in creep
DOV ,   USA   (03.24.19)
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