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Palestinian-born Berliner leads efforts to rebuild synagogue
Associated Press
Published: 29.03.19, 09:56
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1. Beautiful man.
Eden   (03.29.19)
2. Leave? I thought the Palestinians were in an open-air prison
Miracle Dog ,   Israel   (03.29.19)
3. how about the one on the temple mount!
jore ,   la   (03.29.19)
4. Together
Marc Eickhoff ,   12207 Berlin   (03.29.19)
After all that, what happened to the Jews in Germany in the past, I believe, it is an overwhelming sign for the future, when finally all the people in Berlin stay together to clean the rest of rubbish, left by the Nazi-people. I do live in Berlin as well, nearly 14 years now. I am physically no longer really in a good shape. But my brain is still working, so I will try to share the efforts needed.
On top, I'm really frustrated with our politics nowadays, there is really nearly nobody around, whom you can really trust. The sign, Mr. Saleh is giving, is probably like a roadsign out of the couple de Sacramento, we are in for the moment.
Marc Eickhoff
5. berlin
simon ,   new york   (03.29.19)
I avoid , Germany and germans, as much I can.
People who think that germans in 2019 are not the same as the germans in 1939, are totaly mental INSANE.

6. Nice of him.I remain skeptic.One swallow spring doesn't make
7. Nice,
Ex Oleh Chadash   (04.11.19)
He had an opportunity to be educated and grow up in a first world country. Children don't hate, parents teach them to hate.

I have posted a comment before: here in my country Arabs and Jews don't hate each other. I had schoolmates of Lebanese descent when I was a teen.

There is hope. Someday, all people achieve peace.
8. Everywhere Muslims Christian Jews live in Peace but in israe
pinkfloyd   (04.16.19)
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