Gaza rocket destroys home in central Israel, 7 wounded
Associated Press, Ynet
Published: 25.03.19, 08:19
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1. And Hamas run away into hiding
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (03.25.19)
Scared of the response. Yep! that's who you want looking out for your interests. They are lowlife cowards! I wish a speedy recovery to those injured this morning.
2. Empty fields will be attacked,precious Gazans must not be ha
ab   (03.25.19)
-rmed !
3. So Bibi has to come back in order to do....nothing?!
4. Benny& Jets probably ordered this attack, so people can
see (one more time) how our Glorious Leader proceeds to act: by bombing empty sheds in Gaza!
5. Bibi "forcefully" closes crossings! LOL. Aren't we pathetic?
Robert ,   Israel   (03.25.19)
This is the result of acting with silk gloves against Hamas instead of using an iron fist as Putin and Erdogan always do. Our ruler prefers to spend millions bombing empty places and lifting "enormous" dust clouds. He knows it doesn't work, but the bombing pictures in the papers look sensational. He plays Tom and Jerry. They keep chasing each other, they brake all the furniture in the house, and that is it. The cat doesn't kill the mouse, and vice-versa.
7. War is profit for weapon manufacturers in Israel and Americ.
Ken   (03.25.19)
8. do and act
C   (03.25.19)
annihilate their leadership at the first opportunity.
catch their spies.
destroy their means of production.
seal off the territory and increase the blockade.
deprive them of cell phones and cell phone routes.
allow in only essential food and medicine--nothing else.
9. what happened to the children in gaza?
C   (03.25.19)
hamas sent the children in gaza to wage war against the jews.
the children were told that should something happen to them,
they will immediately go to paradise.
allah exists only in paradise so the children must hurry to gain
their rightful place in paradise on the right side of allah.
should there be a child so foolish as to refuse this wonderful
offer, he will be condemned to eternal hell.
Robert ,   Israel   (03.25.19)
I think Netanyahu owes an explanation to all Israelis what does he really mean when he says he will "respond" with force. We have been hearing this same word for a long time. Where are the results?. Lifting dust into the air is not "force". It is a show for the media. Bombing empty Hamas observation posts is not "force". It just makes Hamas lough. What has happened to our brave IDF soldiers?. They are being rammed and stabbed by "solitary wolves" as to find a mild word for these terrorists. Our civilians don't feel safe wherever they travel in Israel. Is this what we pretend from our rulers?. WE PRETEND AND DEMAND a PROPER AND DEFINITE RESPONSE to all these attacks..
12. Agression, war crimes and crimes against humanity.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (03.25.19)
If they (the Gaza strip) do it in a violent agressive way against Israel, they must be punished for that, even in a disproportiona and totall way. This is the umptieth time, that such a thing happens. Just as any other country, in this case, Israel has the right to defend itself. Israel has had more than enough patience with Gaza, to strike back as hard as possible, to solve this problem forever. Israel can take back Gaza, for also Gaza belongs to Israel, like Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa, for example, no matter what the UN and other countries think of it. They had/have a job to do, to protect/to support Israel from agression and crime. They did not/do not do that. This cannot go on forever. THIS MUST END NOW. Unfortunately this means war. Destroy all buildings in Gaza of the crime "islam". Military objects and non military objects. Kick/throw and deport them all to Mecca. They may be glad, that they are not killed immediately (almost 2 million) They must get, what they deserve. It is time that this place of crime ends, even if they use civilians as shields. Try to treat children in a human way. They are not guilty/responsible for the crimes of their parents. All other countries must mind their own national business. They voted for hamas in 2006, after Israel withdrew from Gaza unilaterally. They had their chances and spoiled it. Now they must face the consequences and repercussions of it. Gaza is not only a danger to Israel, but because of "islam, and their hatred to Israel and the rest of the free world also a danger to any other country and people. They also (can) commit terror attacks to other people. When Russia was invaded in 1941 by Adolf Hitler, they also had to use violence to liberate their country, from that criminal scum, in 1945. Russia played a very important role, to destroy Italy and Germany in that year. In that case, without violence they could not liberate. Now the world, incuding Israel, must be liberated from the criminals in Gaza. The world must be thankfull to Israel,when the Jewish and democratic state solves/will solve this problem, also for them. We all have the same interests, in this case.
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