IDF blames Hamas for rocket strike; reservists called up as troops deployed to Gaza border
Itay Blumenthal, Agencies
Published: 25.03.19, 11:15
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1. Price for zionist's experiment: 25,000 killed since 1890
smokeonwater   (03.25.19)
So far the price for creating zionist experiment continue to climb.
These 25,000 Israelis could have lived, if they or their families wouldn't have believed the brainwashing lies of the zionist criminals.

Israel is a good candidate to be included in every single list of "Most Dangerous Places to visit", "Top Ten countries NOT to travel This Year"...and similar others.
2. IDF honchos'll find a new excuse for Hamas and Gazans
ab   (03.25.19)
will as always flock to Israeli hospitals,so they could be in top form to destroy the hated "Israeeeel"
3. Distance between Moshav Mishmeret & Ceasaria is 41 klicks...
so who has a house in Ceasaria that might have been the real target?
4. This is what comes from bombing empty buildings.
David ,   Hartford USA   (03.25.19)
The government must feel pretty stupid claiming the other rocket attacks were mistakes. I suggest that the IDF start acting like there's a war on and not like they're fighting a bunch of misguided Boy Scouts.

Get more batteries of Iron Dome operating.
If 'mistakes' were worth a hundred sorties, this deliberate and almost fatal attack should be worth 500, aimed at populated Hamas targets: lookout towers, tunnel entrances, workshops, and yes, even leadership offices under hospitals and schools and weapons stores in mosques.

Isn't it time we removed the entire Hamas leadership from this picture?
The next time Hamas has thousands of supporters celebrating 'Death To Israel Day', let's drop a bunker buster in the middle of them. It's the only way to be sure.
5. no excises now: flattwn gaza to a giamt parking lot
6. Try being PROACTIVE rather than REACTIVE
If israelis were, for once in their lives, proactive instead of being passive and reactive, they might just stand a chance of survival and might enjoy peace.Israelis resent and arrogantly look down on disapora jews and european jews who perished in the Holocaust with just passive resistance but modern israelis have become weak and pathetic, nothing like they once were and allow a small rag-bag band of mischief- makers to terrorise the country ,which only encourages bigger and more dangerous enemies. The israeli establishment just cries ' but what will the Goyim say if we defend ourselves ? " .Pathetic.
Robert ,   Israel   (03.25.19)
Blaming Hamas, doesn't work. Hitting empty places, also does not work. Hamas Muslims receive enough money for free in order to replace what IDF forces destroyed. We are playing their game. Then they accuse Israel of using disproportionate force at the international forums, and many idiots sitting in comfortable chairs believe them, just because they also hate Iasrael.. So, what are we waiting for? If we hit them hard it is our fault. If we don't hit them it is also our fault. If we put them in jail, we are despots for not allowing them to watch TV or letting them have their own cellular phones to instruct their terrorists on how and where to attack us No matter what, Israel is always guilty. So, do the BIG JOB. We will be guilty anyway.
8. Amjad Abuzaid playing the clown
Ardeth Bey ,   US   (03.25.19)
One wonders how dark someone can become or the mental stability of one as this rig called Amjad Abuzaid.
It says 'land or peace' for Israel. Has anyone noticed the land Israel presently inherits compared to those around her? Land or peace says the amazing Amjad Abuzaid! So Israel gives these terrorist the Gaza Strip and anyone in their right gourd can see the results of that mistake.
Will Israel hit these animals hard this time? I think again we know the answer to that. And that's what is very unfortunate for the Jewish people!
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