Hamas has developed a vast arsenal in blockaded Gaza
Associated Press
Published: 25.03.19, 21:39
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1. Israel has drones over Gaza all the time...
David ,   Hartford USA   (03.26.19)
so how is it that when a truck-mounted missile is rolling along in a Hamas military parade the IDF doesn't send down a Hellfire on it?

Why aren't Israeli missiles raining down on Hamas missile-firing positions? Surely the IDF has the means to locate a missile launcher almost instantly- and vaporise it, along with any personnel operating it.

I know Israel has fantastic optical spy satellites watching Gaza. It shouldn't be possible for a rocket to be launched at night without being seen. and if there's heavy cloud cover, infrared target recognition is old technology.

And if launched during the day, the smoke and chemical signature trail should allow the launch site to be quickly found and destroyed. Since many launch pads are in close proximity to tunnels, they should all be attacked with force.

Looking at the pictures of tonight's attacks on Gaza, the size of the secondary explosions prove that weapons caches are being destroyed. Maybe Israel needs to go after the supplier of those weapons caches...

Hey, if Hamas can 'accidentally' launch a few missiles into Israel, who says a few missiles might not accidentally find their way to Tehran??
2. Take a page from Putin's playbook: Carpet bomb Gaza.
Give War a Chance ,   Dos Altos   (03.26.19)
3. Still our Supreme Bullshitter Bibi, shall take the first
prize in the upcoming elections.
Worst part: he's really irreplaceable!
4. Israel needs to destroy all Hamas production facilities
C   (03.26.19)
if they cannot produce missiles, they cannot fire them.
5. Free press repect free speach: why commentaries are removed
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto -Kiriat Gat   (03.26.19)
6. m
moishe   (03.26.19)
very sad. present assaults by Hamas will not tolerated lightly by Israel for much longer. Israel will strike hard and be blamed for deaths and casualties. however Gaza is a 'cancer' that must be 'treated' before it gets much worse. the question is to what extent can Hamas be contained to be liveable short of an all out assault on Gaza. war may be the only option. lives will be lost on both sides. sad.
7. Sure - Gaza has weapons - border crossings open
barbara ,   Haifa   (03.26.19)
most of the time. Especially Kerem Shalom. Who knows what is hidden
inside those trucks? Close those border crossings on all sides - but now
too late. Weaponry already inside the devil's area. Now, only thing to do
is to get Rambo's help.
8. Divide and conquer
Split permanently Gaza in two and retake Philadelphia corridor.
Announce deep arsenal cleaning on one side.
Suggest evacuation to the other chunk.
Clean it.
Do it again with the other chunk.
Keep it blocked and and empower women leadership.
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