Despite ceasefire reports, strikes and rockets continue
Matan Tzuri, Yoav Zitun, Elior Levy, Daniel Salami, AP
Published: 25.03.19, 23:23
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1. Bibi on his way home to surrender
Larry ,   Cupertino   (03.26.19)
Bibi is on his way home to personally surrender to hamas, and apologize to them. If Israel wanted peace it is easily achievable. It just requires the massive slaughter of gazans until they surrender unconditionally. If it takes killing 50,000 of them in a few days I would be surprised, but if more wish to die, accommodate them and kill more. It is insane to continue the same failed strategy and expect different outcomes.
2. This scenario comes right out of Independence Day...
David ,   Hartford USA   (03.25.19)
PM: Maybe we can learn to live together in peace?
Alien (Hamas): No peace. No peace.
PM: What do you want us to do?
Alien (Hamas): Die. Die.

And we know how that turned out for the aliens.
Yes, it was a nasty fight. But it's a fight that can't be put off. A cease-fire with avowed Death-To-Israel psychopaths? Seriously?

Hamas is a Koran-toting, Koran-quoting gang of sociopaths whose highest purpose in life is to kill us infidel Jews and free 'Palestine' so it can once again become part of Dar Al-Islam, The Land of Islam.

This cease-fire is just a Islamic hudna, a rest period to be used to gain superiority over your enemies.

Israel should say 'absolutely not' to this and only accept a formal 'end of hostilities' agreement. Of course, the Koran encourages Muslims to lie to their enemies, so ANY agreement is actually quite worthless.

The only way to have peace is to remove Hamas. Time to figure out how to do this.
3. Screw the "cease fire." Kill HAMAS!!!
Give War a Chance ,   Pontifract, GB   (03.25.19)
4. P
Marc ,   Montreal   (03.25.19)
YNET, please stop referring to these terrorists militants!
5. The Gaza problem, crisis, conflict and war
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (03.25.19)
I want to give my deepest sympathy, empathy, compassion and respect to the great, brave and fantastic people of Sderot, who unfortunately suffered so much injustice, in this case. MAY G.D BLESS YOU ALL.
6. Hamas: 'Palestinians will not surrender'
jochair Thijssen ,   kfar daba Israel   (03.26.19)
Gazans are not Palestinians, thwy are Arabs from all over, So Hamas will
surrender completely and unconditionally, followed by trials for crimes against their own people, according to Sharia. Nothing less will we accept.
7. Hitting Haniyeh's office is not the same as hitting Haniyeh.
Sam ,   Montreal   (03.26.19)
Bibi and his wimp generals continue to hit empty offices and fields. Time for these guys to grow up. Pacifists are not going to win this war and defend Israel.
8. israelis will not put up with wimps any longer
george   (03.26.19)
bibi is disconnected from reality. out response is powerful-bullfeathers. he is pathetically weak in security. and gantz is no better.

vote for bennett, feiglin. liberman and those that will put an end to this situation. rockets should be slamming into gaza instead of just hitting haniyeh's empty building.

bibi will not sink like a stone and drag likud into the toiliet. unless bennett is given dfense right away, bibi will lose the election. and israel also will be doomed under lapid and gantz
9. Vote bum Netanyahu out,remove Kochavi-"IAF fires warning sho
ab   (03.26.19)
-ts"-lest precious Gaza goons'll be harmed in bombings..
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